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We got rid of a burks popping champagne on zoom it. Down moto anymore so crawford. Though when i saw that and didn't know about the contract the hit the cabinet not going on on on against the team. For two years. I was like. Aw it's gotta fill your home until you call on tom fitzgerald and who gives up eight million over two years and now you gotta tell them. Sorry i'm not going to be here for you as a goalie and you're stuck with my cap. It like dow event as a player. I'm sure conference. Joe would understand like this guy doesn't have the passion needed anymore. But god damn did he kinda screw us so it's good for the team's sake that that's not that's not going down well and the one thing that it does suck on us the fact that they probably could have went out and signed somebody else to be blackwoods backup from my understanding. It was probably going to be a situation where blackwood was more of the starter but he was going to be there to groom him and probably log given the season. Maybe like a sixty forty split. Maybe even a fifty fifty so now with new jersey being the fact that they need good goaltending because they're not quite there as a team yet. That's gonna that's gonna put them in a way more difficult spot as as a whole as a season. I don't know who they're gonna go out and get in order to fill that void but as you said when you're just mentally checked out there's really not doing. You're not doing yourself or the team. It's and what a career. And looking back i mean two thousand two the blackhawks got duncan keith. Fifty four th of writer at fifty second and then the next year two thousand in the second round the next. They get corey. Crawford fifty second. I think all to two second round picks by the blackhawks when you go into drafting and how much it matters that were key role key players key cogs in those three cups. He'll probably end up getting his jersey retired there. I would imagine and from what. I'm reading on from what i'm reading. All over there saying one of the most underappreciated blackhawks of all time yes everywhere s yes but are a mentioned to me Or on the notes. Thank like. I don't know of corey crawford will be a hall of famer. He's he has no stanley cups. And i would say not a hall of famer i would definitely say ring of honor as far as the blackhawks is thirty. He's like he would be like their jonathan quick for l. a. two cups he and both times stellar in one one of the cases more than anyone yet to i said three excuse me. He stood on his head. I think miami was there for the first one. But i was in india near me up but i would as they're saying the most underappreciated blackhawk of all time i'll definitely go ring of honor their i yeah in terms of like overall career. A lot of people say he's just with a great team. The old chris osgood argument. But you know what i'm saying like. Oh he wasn't that good. We'll talk to any guy that was on the blackhawks they'll tell you how good he was. Exact so congrats on an amazing career. Love to chat with him. He's probably got some great handsome fellow through. Yeah actually it's funny. You say that that's the first guy thought because obviously guy retired two cups hall of fame. The the first thing people want to ask but a lot of people think caused by virtue of his cup so i think they're very very similar arguments to be made. I don't think of oscar or corey crawford and thinking hall of fame. I'll say i think number will definitely be retired though. I mean it's a no brainer. The best i mean you can make the best goal nine six nine. Let's get him on the phone. If he's getting inducted in the ring of honor the respect to eddie. The eagle in tony esposito. But you know corey crawford onto cups there. Neither of those guys can say they did that chicago. So i also. It's corey mississauga. I think that's how you pronounce it. Just i put you in people's names on here. I also another retirement Con- wilson retired out eleven. Nhl seasons the product played his first eight nashville his last three in colorado had two hundred eighty six points and six hundred thirty two games. What i know you know call. And he's been very open about the issues dealt with in his career you know. Ocd self-medication show. We certainly wish him the health and happiness in retirement. I know you wanted to add something. Yeah we actually chatted with nathan mackinnon. that'll be coming out in next week or something who were the. Nhs's season boom boom banger. We caught up with him. And so we actually kinda hear us chat about willie because we were talking on the day he retired so they got a chance to play together and he gave his thoughts. But i'll say then. The first time. I ever saw this kid he was an incoming freshman. Bu and the former bugai's would work out at the gym in the summer. I was over there. And i think he had about ninety pounds hanging from him and he was doing pull ups like ten eleven twelve. Eighteen years old school squat. Three fifty fronts. Cl- absolute machine this kid and i don't know if looking back i'd love to get him on. He'll definitely come on and chat. I bet you he'll say he probably trained too hard in and he was going hard as you could every offseason during the year in like explosive lifting stuff. That necessarily isn't great for shoes. You have the platform shoes onto. No he had the old shoes with just the things under the toll to work on your calf you remember like the costanza but his speed and his vision. He was a high pick and he'd been like looking like a stallion to the whole time. The guys have man rocket. i'm very that. He ended up playing as long as he did and to go through the issues. She did go through and be open with what happened. I think that's really difficult. So he's a guy that you know. He's recovering from certain things The stress of the game. I'm not wearing if you're going to be healthy. If you what you have to play can really help your mind in terms of when you do retire no it could be difficult for some people on a sense. It can also be a weight off the shoulders. So i i wish him all the best Great career great ron and really kind of deserved all the things that he got because he worked his ass off. Yeah i actually spoke on the phone a couple of weeks ago. So we're going to get him on a very interesting guy and we'll talk about that awesome longer. I think his father ended up playing a pretty long. Nhl careers well right one of the things. You always use as just trying to play as long as my old man. I was like as one line. So we'll talk about his old man when we get them onto and the career he had as well again best electa. Those guys in retirement congrats on great korea's to the surprise that nobody patrice bergeron was named captain of the bruins season the twentieth captain in team. History brad marchand. David krejci have the as i was pretty funny what they did they kinda sunk them in my..

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