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Tried to do a conference center they already had a smaller some smaller meeting rooms and things so i yes that's that's definitely a i'm working atlantic city of going after and groups seem to also become a twitter honey city because they see some value when they see that maybe that gambling and celebrity chefs who got the terrific restaurants in atlantic city was we haven't even talked about and so there's just so many options it's you know it's not easy to get so you're not driving down the road and say let's stop off here in atlantic city on our way go wherever you know you've got any one to go to atlantic city and i think that what the casinos and hotels are doing in terms of meeting space and restaurants and all the renovations and rooms are making that happen and once again the nation wouldn't let final question for you just so that listeners who want to read more of what you write can do so can you give us your website or where people can go to read more of your articles about atlantic city and gambling general allied air couple as you get to what i write i wanna wish is that you can go to atlantic city weekly dot com and look for blogs and it said mr ac casino i did not name it fair enough stars insider dot com which is my caesar's website and there's a link there too racy casino columns as well as the travel store columns all right thanks i appreciate it take care a listeners that was daryl mcewen and we're going to have another guest after a quick break so stay tuned we'll be right back with more house of cards on sp nation.

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