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It's actually covered call strategy-based dividends okay. So things like the x. While d. b. s. t. and actually be big q. over the past decade So things like that. So there's still growth focused but they're going about it different i it's it's an. Etf that that does the options trading Which i'm not. I'm really good at the sell side and care about the buy side so let someone else do the by site for me. I still apprehensive on getting rid of the dividend fund simply. Because i think that and please correct me if i'm wrong i won't be able to pull any of my. I won't be able to plenty of my retirement funds. If i let's say one day i came to my mind. I'm like you know. I've had a good run. I want to retire early. I'd like to make sure that some a have some extraneous baskets that are bringing income And if if it's not a real estate Hopefully and should be there. But i guess i'm apprehensive on believe putting all my chips and said basket. I'd just encourage you with your language choice like you're not doing anything wrong. There's no wrong choice here with that. So there's no it's not doing wrong. Hasn't to correct i. I would just think about like this like you need after-tax investments and the reason you need them is because you are able to stockpile so much wealth or annualized basis on a go forward basis from now until the time you stop doing your job or similar that you're going to be able to max out your 401k or tax advantaged accounts and have thirty forty fifty thousand dollars per year leftover with that so in practice. That's not actually going to be an issue. You most folks. Many many full crew talk do are struggling to save one thousand two thousand dollars a month and there is a hard choice there with but you can go right you can march right down the list tax advantaged approach and do all the other type of investing with that and my bias would be unless you're trying to be an entrepreneur or start a business or you really want you wanna stop doing what you're doing and go into the van or one of these other side hustle ideas you really want to do. Still fifty five then. Why not do the tax advantaged approach. That it's kinda like a boring basic one. Oh one you know. Formulaic long-term tax advantaged investing approach with that. Make there's there's lots of lake about that as as a component because you can still do the real estate on on an addition tat. That's how i think about it. I have one more actually. It's do so once again doesn't surprise you. I did efficient frontier analysis on my 401k. And like all the different options. And this is what i want in figured out exactly distributed but My immediate reaction. When i saw my salary. 'cause i wasn't expecting that i was expecting significantly less. Initially my offer was..

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