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Point. It really haven't had a strong opinion one way or the other. I probably not gonna have a ton of shares of him <hes> but i also don't think he's he's he's not. I wouldn't consider them a player that i'm avoiding much more aligned with you on seven coleman yeah so thanks for lumping these two guys together because i think they're kind of different conversations here so limit some of the easier one kevin coleman people are really liking him i again. I know it looks like everything makes sense now. Mckinnon's ins down which makes even more sense or more uncertainty around mckinnon but then but then dress doctors went up you know now he's in the fifth round. I had to update draft read. I said don't draft kevin coleman in the sixth round in the draft and now he's in the fifth round update draft grid. Now tevin coleman was on one of the best offenses is last year. Finish has a decent running back in terms of compiler. You know like lamar miller last year. I think we want to want coleman to be so much more than he is. I think last year was a big sign. I think we we all have to realize what he did and didn't do you know last year and what could we possibly expect on a team that also rotates running backs from everything we've gathered. They have met braided there. I mean i mean they have plenty of people. Even if it's not mckinnon so i mean he's a good catcher not a great catcher. He's just going to early now. He's in the fifth round. That's that's bonkers guys. Let's let's move on <hes> and then philip lindsey so here's a guys actually near and dear to to my heart because i think we talked about on the liquid liquid bench assets that because of a couple of early season injuries last year. I got philip lindsay week one and obviously benefit greatly from that. He is falling a little bit so this is getting tougher to have him on this list. I mean he was. It's three point zero seven less than a month ago now. He's like four point twelve. I think right so <hes> he he's fallen quite a bit and i mean let me see if i can get the accurate numbers here for for philip lindsay he was search. I guess he was more mid. Fourth round is dropped about half around to four point. Twelve is getting close to the fifth round. You know it's not nearly as bad as it used to. Here's the issue though that i have with lindsay just in general this is again not like necessarily a quote unquote numbers thing but the offense stinks. Can we just all agree on that. Joe flacco bum although the only thing about joe flacco is that because he's a bomb. He likes to dump it off to his running backs. He's booker nipping at his heels for catches. I mean the best thing that happened was that the riddick came in and then fractured shoulder under so he's out they are so committed to royce free minutes embarrassing. I don't know i mean so not convinced. He's a good running back. Maybe over just realize that he's not in give philip lindsay more work but philip lindsay at two hundred and twenty seven touches last year and ten touchdowns is. It's not gonna get better than that now. Would you take that obviously a four point twelve yeah..

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