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Cut hooked. Are you okay with that? Thinking. What's in my Pol there? But he's already done it. I never met the guy the time and. It was definitely like a weird feeling for a couple of minutes. But then I mean, for someone else that wrought songs to cut one of your songs is the absolute highest compliment. The you can be paid as a songwriter. And I had that conversation with Chris who is obviously Krista, Stephanos home referring to he he's obviously had a level of success. That's like just crazy. And so he's a good dude. Daas about it. You know and a little bit. You're pissed I would have been. No, I mean, I, I guess I still learning how it worked, you know, I was like. You know, something can still be upset? Unintelligently. Yeah. Maybe I mean, I, I wish someone had asked me before it had had right? But it's so funny. Like when you look back on moments like that, and feelings like that two years later, and you're like this is like one of the best things ever happens. This is so cool that he put that out and had a big hit with it. And, and I get to play that in my shows now, you know, and, and honestly that song probably wouldn't fit my out on the way that it is. And it all works out for the best. But yeah, it was a weird day. I remember when it happened like should be a day. You're probably high fiving everyone, but you kind of like, what about, you know, it's a precious thing. So the song goes in number two. Not number one. That's a weird thing that songs peak at number two. Yeah. It's a rare thing that songs peak at number two, it is usually, if they're going to pick high, they'll peak at four or five, but usually they get to two. Morgan, usually, they go to know what, what, what, what happened do, I know what happened. Why do. I mean that I do someone told me that's like, the, the equal longest charting single or something like that. Like a fifty six week single which is pretty amazing accomplishment, and Honey. I wish it had a number one next to it. But it's one of those things I feel like that's a stressful time to and you're looking at a song like that, if like is, is it gonna is it gonna work? Is it going to be a number one song forever? You know, or is it going to be a hit song, top-five? So oh, whatever did you even know is going to be a single when he cut it. I, I think so. I think they I think they said he's it, it's going to be his next single, which, obviously made that feeling. Best known. Yeah, it wasn't going to be like track. And no one ever heard you could do like pass late did on Friday night because lady had cut Friday night. No, you and. Mind plant palm safari might lady antebellum cut Friday night, and according to Eric that we're gonna put it out as their next single. Well, they decided to shut the record down, move onto the next records. They never put it out. And so it was like basically attrac- eight and he's like, well, what am I going to do? So he re cuts it puts it out and goes, I think is the number one. Oh, Yes. yes. Yes, something they cut it. And then he'd but he wrote it. And then he ended up recounting in and put it on a number one number one, I had a conversation like that with a couple of much more successful autism. The other night about that. The fact that that doesn't happen often enough, and great songs get left behind, you know, especially by superstars and you're like someone like Thomas Rhett. His fourteen songs on an album. Probably twelve of them could be singles on the radio. But he, he only has time to put up we have time to put out four or five now maybe but because they move so fast. Yeah. But still like still seven songs on the incredible. And. Why, why should that be where I kind of live forever? They can have another law somewhere else. He put, I think sixteen on his next album, your something like that sixteen tracks and was like, dude. I've, I've talked about it last week. I was like how in the world. Listen in, like fall in love with all sixteen of these songs like this is three piece. Just hit me like every three months of the new EP like let me fall in love with all of them. You know, he wrote he tells a good story. Do you have like Friday night from lady not work in our computer shut down or rebuilding the studio to the last or the last trip? We didn't have computers we have a tape deck over there. We're trying to pull tapes Thomas. Rhett wrote Old Dominion, new song. Oh, some people will do. It's great song. And that was it was a similar story that he told me, he said him, and Matt Ramsey had written it together. And they were like well, who gets to keep it 'cause we both love it. Yeah. And Old Dominion, you know, it's, it's they cut it. It's on the record crazy. It is crazy. I feel like a then maybe the two most guilty artists have just cutting an album full of singles. All dominion, do it to that Old Dominion, I think, is my. Favorite album artists. Yeah. I say that they've put out two records and every song on both records have I just turn it on? And listen. I can't do that with everybody. Yeah. This something like, really special about what those guys have going on. We played a couple of months opening for them the start of the year and watching this show every not even the songs that haven't been hits on the radio sound like it when they played them live. And then they do this thing where they break down in the middle and play all the hits at the whole written ten or twelve just thus choruses of, like old as massive smash is incredible show. Yeah. Whatever they're doing. They're doing right. I got the right with them once on the road, who's them all of them are like Trevor Matt, it was Trevor Matt and Brad, I felt like I joined Old Dominion for about doing. And it was so cool to see how they they all work together, and it's, it's really special. It was cool to be a pot of last week in Australia, you want to APR awards for country work of the year. Is that is that the title country work of the year say song? Appa is what, what you would say. It's like as cab ole BMI's, those awards and work of the year. I think. I don't know why they call it of did they call it, though. Yeah. They do it. So for day drunk. Yeah. Which has made you super famous in Australia. A lot more than I was before. That's for sure. Like, whose more famous, what's the actresses named the funny actress and Australia Canada, the blonde hair who's the most of Australia right now? Like current current famous. Chris Hemsworth is something like ooh Goodwin. Let's do this power five. Australian famous people right now from rebel Wilson, I was thinking about okay at number one is Chris Hemsworth. I'd do it. I don't know. I'm just I'm I'm not saying everyone, but in your mind. Right. Well, it's funny because my mind is like walked by guess who I follow on Twitter. And now. Chris Hemsworth, the number one of Hugh Jackman. It's like what happened director, number two, Hugh, Jackman? Culkin in case gotta be up there if they're on your list. Well, okay, there on that, and maybe with the next one bay, maybe Russell Crowe was, I'm like that you have been doing it at a really high level for a long time. I feel like the most known people anybody from Australia Ditz in the states reach out and be like, hey, good to see a home homeboy making it. Yeah. I mean, whenever I whenever I run into people back in time, I ran into a guy named Louis the other day he was, we were staying in the same hotel, and he was the first person, I ran into the coffee shop outside, and he was like, hey, okay. Congratulations and everything, who's I guy. I said, the same thing guy named dean Lewis. He what what's his big hits on monkey had. They blow up on the on Spotify. And I like it. I'll be alright. Yeah. It'd be Oron dean Lewis. Yeah, I know him. Like I have to ask. Oh, I know at this point, I've heard of is pretty good. So he's Australian anyway. He he was an example of that. We just kind of run into each other and. I know this. CEO sad. And he is in me. Parmalee guys,.

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