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A report of a suspicious person near forty Third Avenue and Indian school road the suspect then fled the scene after ramming the two police cars no one was injured ready for the summer heat Phoenix is going to see a rapid warm up this weekend we're expected to jump into the one hundreds by tomorrow and stay there for the rest of the week product is looking to be Sunday we did issue a petite watch right now Sunday looking at highs and bring your while five we'll be right your records John Benedict with the National Weather Service says the last time we saw one hundred degrees was September nineteenth of twenty nineteen he says the average day for the first one hundred degree day is normally may second with the valley temperatures getting into the triple digits this weekend for the first time this year we want to remind you stay safe KTA ours Griselda Santino is live with some tips yeah Bob like you just mentioned we will likely reach a hundred and one degrees tomorrow and a record high of one oh four on Sunday which ABC fifteen meteorologist iris are most seal says is unusual for this time of year these temperatures that were not adjusted to just yet could take a toll on your body on your health if you're not being careful you're hydrating avoiding outdoor activities during the heat of the day she says if you want to be outdoors this weekend to it before ten AM or hold off until the evening you know at this point I sunset temperatures are still going to be pretty warm but at least the sun will be lower and you should get some relief reporting live on Griselda city no KTAR news the Arizona Cardinals select Isaiah Simmons linebacker Clemson what will the Arizona cardinals first round pick bring to the cardinals next year general manager Steve crime tells Doug and wolf on ninety eight seven F. M. Arizona's sports station that Isaiah Simmons has tremendous athletic ability the card is all over the field positional flexibility is worse calcium and all the things he does Mister miracle standpoint is really impressive the way we work in the spring just came away really impressed with his football IQ as well rounds two and three of the NFL draft begin at around four this afternoon time now to get a check on traffic at twelve oh seven here's Larry Lewis from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center that a closure lower Buckeye still working this is going to be both directions between Apache and Watson I would.

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