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A perfect complement to the red bell peppers and red potatoes on the side my friend loved it so much that last week when he visited his mom he had me sent him the recipe so he could make it for her if you're interested in making easy healthy and unique homemade meals we've got a special deal for our listeners for thirty dollars off your first week of hellofresh visit hellofresh dot com and enter haunted thirty that's hellofresh dot com and code haunted thirty i also want to take admitted to tell you about a killer news special i did with my other podcast if you love all things scary and creepy you've heard of jack the ripper much you probably don't know why he committed his crimes or how hard the police work to catch him then our three threepart crossovers special my serial killings cohost in i joined the hooks of unsolved murders true crime stories to investigate the crimes and psyche of jack the ripper and tell you who we think he really was so join me on a tour of white chapel london to learn all about the serial killer who taunted it streets in the fall of eighteen 88 you can listen to the first episode on unsolved murders and serial killers feeds on your favorite podcasts directory or you can binge all three jack the ripper episodes of right now two men now back to the ghost story the unlike poor rafina some people are eager to be buried at labrecque a letter the cream of argentinian society slumbers here.

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