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I x your forecast from the wgn chicago weather center we've got about a thirty percent chance for showers or thunderstorms after about two this afternoon otherwise it'll be partly sunny high near eighty nine but your indexes near ninety five and could be higher away from the lake on monday a thirty percent chance for showers or thunderstorms between about eight in the morning and two in the afternoon otherwise partly sunny high near eighty seven temperatures right now seventy six at o'hare and midway seventy three in glen ellyn seventyone along the lakefront like michigan water temperature at seventy five wins out of the southeast at six i'm roger badesch wgn radio newsroom this is the stuff that matters on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn to wgn radio theater we have so many nice tax from people congratulating us on our three hundredth show thank you everyone who has tax dan to us our we're getting back to most or a pretty much most people but really really nice we've just had a flood of tax in here in at least it's been an honor and a pleasure to be your co hosts for three hundred shows here even though you miss a lotta shows me really haven't been on three hundred shows yeah it's probably the plus side to talk about a lot of shows off so i'm gonna i'm gonna congratulate you for like one hundred and eighty seven shows yeah that's probably more right closer to what i do i'm just really rarely ever suppress i'm even here now i believe i missed one show so i'm on my two hundred ninety two shows did i miss the whole weekend dave player and i did one with mike established recently so i'm on what's your not quite there well fact but as far as the show is concerned three hundred show where they're actually we've done i think we've done we've actually done more than that we've done some additional show i think we have counted them though we didn't we didn't count those we didn't count the july four show in the thanksgiving shy i believe we did i believe you did because i'm the one that numbers the shows that is your job so charles in numbers was amazing because he can't count that went to three abacus yeah he's got a little figure just making it football's what lisa what did you say what this is a family show isa so keep keep it clean okay i don't even know what you're let's get back to the cavalcade of america.

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