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Think now that they're they're more complex could actually tell them like what's going up oh actually interesting because it's better than like you gotta call me but hey come to the hospital way what's lance this on the way to the shower i got better run to the hospital tonight so the plan is if arnold sends this one particular message on the beeper she has to leave and go to a pay phone outside the city's zoo it's taking place at the city's zoo which is kinda great because it's either realistically you got the bronx zoo that's like the big one part and the central parts central park is there alligators there they're better we'll definitely see gee i alligators can go anywhere pony and like some barnyard animals and you could pet probably we're entering back to back the best scenes of the movie which is one arnold escaping from this this airplane awesome it's fucking awesome like a racer man this dude got some balls because he's like no you know what i'm not even gonna fuck and try i'm just going to open the door i'm not going to try to find you i'm just going to open the door to this airport shootout ensues and he just opens the door it's so changes the dynamic conversation flips scrip you does i it was it was a gunfight on an airplane now it's an airplane with the fuck dorm what's that because he's a fucking the strongest man in the world he rips a seat out and throws it into the engine like it's so awesome because he's like how can i make this even more difficult this plane is already losing cabin pressure i'm gonna throw a chair into the jet engine those are bolted down men it's not it's not a full fare but his arms that's unbolted did look like some side doors or not a thing that a passenger would sit in it almost looked like a jump seat cut everything now i thought it was going to be that i think there's going to be strapping journey it looked like yes gurney sorta kind kinda thing but anyway look damn it's that should have been looking around like what could i use that would destroy this jet engine oh i know this kid something i'm familiar with the call have a specialist skills which is really just moving corpses around but i guess maybe the notion is because he eventually jumps out of this plane was to take out the engine so that he could clear it he wouldn't sucked oh oh that's a good call hey just out of you know malice fucking pay the plane's going down yeah yeah but also like he's getting shot at and he grabs this parachute and just throws it out then he has to jump out now to to to gab it yes all's crazy could you imagine doing this trying to add a little difficult is not easy on james caan break by leg real quick this james caan is to hung up at this point because this is where arnold pulls that knife out of his belt and chuck's at james caan and his arm gets stuck to the wall or whatever james caan do have a hammer my hand khan is great right areas like hippy with this mail order horse shit all right i'll give you three mississippi to get your gunn i'm so tired of plague on god so yeah arnold jumps out of this plane without the shoot the bet this is stupid seen wait until james caan puts a gun to the head of the pilots hate it with the plane we're going to run him on his exactly like sully to does castor troy move like that's like a face off that was i want him sw what is spread across this windshield arnold gets the parachute car kitchen hit someone with the plane they did you see this plane turn around and i was like oh my god the plane is actually turning around this movie and the arnold it's so fucking funny the juxtaposition of this plane and arnold is just pulling the levers on his parachute good a i here on the sky diving news network it's a dark day someone was hit by a plane that they jumped that is right we're getting reports of malicious planes that's true not sanctioned not sanctioned everybody sanctioned everybody be be very careful on your gnarly dive nobody can tell you at this point that skydiving is never not interesting.

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