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When you say did dated. Della Luna, thank you, thank you, so folks. We got a lot of things to do and man I had a dream. I went to the theater for a movie premiere. Got There was all excited. And, when even thinking about it and then bright before walking in I was like wait. I can't go in there. What the Hell am I doing here? This was a full. It was partially full like this inside trump air. It's a theater so i. don't know what kind of distancing. They're practicing the not going to be. There Khairnar came. Don't attach them at the front. I didn't get that. It might even a critic screening, but I was just so like like so happy only to go like wake up out of it like not actually wake up within my dream going on what the hell! No, I can't do this. Yeah, man! How were you thinking you've been what you dream? About gardening you know better in. Doing. Or not doing social social dream in. Spring Coronas. and. You'LL DRINK Freddie Krueger fucking people as I'll get you out to the vaccine. I ain't doing nothing right? Now was better than my dream that I had last week was I was having sex with Having pseudo sex with a rod rentals wife who was not blake lively. What he gets. He was obviously cheat. Now there was some Going on. Yeah more. What's worse? Me having sex with another man's wife are US brand corona out there. Oh, man! I got this taken a male today in the email speaking of Ryan Reynolds. And it said Hey, you've been invited to. A tasting a vodka, Avia aviation vodka gin tasting with Ryan Rentals I was like. Oh, well, we'll shit right on. Hold on. Is this going to work because it's putting on my total wine and it's like Oh easy. You come by total wine and buy a bottle of aviation gin, and then when you ask home when you computer. Reynolds will drink it with you on zoom. Call with everybody. Does it Kinda cool? I guess. You. Try to play this down getting. Your zoom co around rose drinking. That's the new happy hour. Jesus man. Is Robert is going to be I. Don't know if he's there say he's their. People welcome to the cell. He this man. He's turned his nose. With however, many people well, let's just say that you're on there. And how how many people on a zoom call at one time? I think. We did one with twenty people. Man That's like being at a not even a party. That's like being at a dinner. With Ryan Reynolds Man. The world's MOST AWKWARD DINNER BUT! I, don't you sit there pretend because there's no way you would do. You would not I would do this. Man My skin me again. I will forward it to you because it's not like it's exclusive to me I will how? I look at is like all right. This is not exclusive. This is whoever is on the total wine mailing lists. Get this, I. You know what? GimMe the invitation also son I'll come back and report to you okay. Man It was prerecorded. Iran rentals. Base for drinking mush in. You fucking idiot. Did you really think I was going to be here? Don't you stupid? Now? Dressed up like deadpool's. I mean plus when you go to a tasting. They're giving you samples. Does not like. Show up and buy your own shit and then hey, get on the on the call so I can tell you thank you sucker what I mean. But it's not always if you go to a tasting Ron Reynolds, is Thanksgiving you? Okay. He's not going to be. Giving it to me now that tell you about the invitation I got. This chicken Ron Ronald was going to.

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