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Of the seventh tampa bay and minnesota remain tied to bottom six milwaukee in front of seattle by a score of four to two orlando our c._e._o. with his eleven home run of the season in this one four milwaukee top of the sixth the fire seven an easy time against the astros leading seven nothing they've hit four home runs today josh bells at his twenty-second second martinez twelve kevin newman and corey dickerson have also gone deep today for pittsburgh the diamondbacks will take on the giants and san francisco tonight after taking two of three from the division leading dodgers who are chorus field after sweeping colorado last week getting three game winning homers from three different rookies e._s._p._n. reports the celtics are hiring carol lawson is an assistant coach and also reportedly emerged as the frontrunner for the hornets kemba walker and yukon is back in the big east forty years after being one of the founding members of the conference metaxas listen to tasr in the meuse weekdays at six a._m. eastern and d._a. at nine a._m. eastern as you start your day with c._b._s. sports radio bronco's country eat sleeps and breeds football fitting they wake up to it listen to pro football talk live with mike florio weekday mornings four to seven on extra sports thirteen hundred gee i want to believe in danny aines still just can't hear me is the only person on the planet decades acquire anthony davis and look worse full we've come to this point where the n._b._a. and it's only going to get worse as soon as the one and done rule is is done in a couple of years you're gonna have eighteen year old going into the m._b._a. and these kids needed to go to college to grow with somebody really great coaches are always going to be at a disadvantage if they stay for more than a year to nations is ju yeah we'll beat you don't let him shoot it on what do not let him on the court anytime anytime issue but i mean you might even be does he can't jim shoe for thirty point cirque du talented talking there tiki and tierney number alive for the kid rock it's by quicken loans studio rocket mortgage with you every step.

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