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In the ditch were about 10 to 12 hours before it was discovered shortly after midnight sunday right now there's no suspect information available attorney general hector balderas says his office has filed the first six lawsuits against new mexico charities that are not in compliance with registration and reporting requirements but there is says the charity's had the opportunity to voluntarily comply with state law but have failed to do so he says new mexicans who opened their hearts and wallace deserve to know how their hardearned money is being spent by a charity a fourmonth operation by state police ap d in the department of homeland security results in dozens of arrests in the albuquerque area state police lieutenant elizabeth are miho says seventy seven alleged drug dealers car thieves and other criminals have been taken into custody or charge and more than twenty percent of them had previous felony convictions feeder people that are repeat offenders these are people that we continue to see on tv that her gift compagnie three victimizing the hit him in mexico in particular particularly in the albuquerque area authorities also seized met heroin and cocaine as well as firearms and stolen vehicles was in a hundred cities states and local municipalities are sowing drug companies over the national opioid epidemic new york hasn't been immune to the epidemic last year more people died from overdosing on opioids here in new york than in homicides and car accidents combined those that created the problem has to feel the consequences with that in mind new york mayor bill de blasio is suing seven drugmakers and three distributors seeking half a billion dollars in damages for the overdoses that already happened than those that will take place in the future the people who created the crisis are getting away with new york joins over one hundred other cities local municipalities in states that have filed lawsuits against drug companies steve kastenbaum new york i met hardly a ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy news radio kkob you wanted to be a teacher.

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