Mcallen, President Trump, Chuck discussed on Todd and Don


To that city employees that was fired for using his city issued laptop on his two food trucks. Right this. Texter says, Email and surfing the internet. No problem on a city, computer. But installing software watching porn. That's a problem. That is a problem. I installing your own software for the business. Yeah. Again, I do have a problem with do. But unless the guy was doing a horrible job to begin with. And it was like the final straw wouldn't farm for it. I would definitely, you know, make it very clear you need to take care of this right now, it is eight forty seven in as we speak. The president is in route to mcallen, Texas out this morning. He's on his way to the great state of Texas. Hashtag Maga but go down and visit with a few folks on the border talk about the need for that wall. And the need for Chuck and Nancy to give give him the funding. And then we'll open the government again. He says simple as that. Which I believe will happen to more. Yeah. The president is taking the shutdown battle to the US Mexico border. She can bolster his case for a border wall after the latest negotiations with Democrats a blue of over his funding demands during his visit to mcallen today, the president plans to visit border patrol stations and a sec. Action of the border mcallen is located in the real grand valley the busiest part of the border for illegal border crossings now after that closed-door meeting yesterday. Chonkin nancy. They came out and said a few things to the press as the president said during his prime time speech couple nights ago, we can solve all of this in a forty five minutes set down. Let's get together and do it right where they got together yesterday. But they didn't do it out here. It's cold out here and the temperature wasn't much warmer in the situation room. Our meeting did not last long, but it.

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