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And Kamala Harris has stepped to the side. They're not covered. And instead of covering the Democratic candidate for president, the media actually is the opposition to the president. Whether it's CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, The Washington Post New York Times Chicago Tribune. That is the candidate to run against Trump. In years past you had the media covering the two candidates. How much coverage has been given to the policies, the positions and the behaviour of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris? The answer is little or nothing 96% of the stories. Or about the president. Not doing something. Well, of course. And Joe Biden completely irrelevant. Why would Joe Biden come out of hiding to campaign? When the media is doing it for him the media to insist that Joe Biden hold news conferences, take interviews. Give speeches react. The biggest deficit. The president had Last Tuesday. I can't believe it was six days away seems like six months away. The biggest mistake Trump made was quieting down. In order to let Joe Biden talk more give Joe Biden The ability to continue to make a fool of himself and by Trump dominating the debate. He can't he kept Joe Biden silent, so the American people did not hear much from him, one expert said. If there was a transcript between the three parties at the debate, Biden Trump and Chris Wallace, who did a lousy job in the debate, I might add. That over 80%. Of all the words spoken whereby either Trump or Wallace Wallace had mohr things to say, as the moderator than Joe Biden. Because Joe Biden largely has nothing to say. And never before has a candidate called the sitting president, a liar and a racist, a clown and a fool. Uncovered by the mainstream media because the media is the candidate and not Joe Biden. I'm still amazed. Are you that Joe Biden would want to debate again? Every day print Radio and television. The candidate. Mainstream media versus Trump is ongoing daily. And by I didn't have to do a damn thing. He doesn't have to run a campaign damnedest thing I've ever seen. Imagine being a Democratic candidate for the presidency in your basement coming out and frequently babbling. Then going back into the basement, and the media just covers whatever Trump does because they have they see themselves as the opposition of the president. And lastly, before we take your calls One way or another. The election will conclude. Probably toward the end November. We're going to have a president elect. If Joe Biden wins the presidency legally. I will. Whether it's end of November December January, acknowledged him as my president. And I will wish Joe Biden well, because his success means our success as a nation. The Democrats do not feel like that at all. Can you imagine the chaos will ensue next year. Either Trump's going to get reelected, in which case the media is going to go frigging nuts because everything they've done hasn't worked and they're going to double and triple up on hating Trump and not covering news, but trading news and covering it with a slant. That's going to be ugly. On the other hand, if Joe Biden winds, which is what all the poll saying that that's what's going on Joe Biden, according to polling, Joe Bynes going to win At that point, Trump will leave the stage. To Joe Biden. And then for the first 3 to 6 months, all the things that the president must do that Biden because of a lack of mental acuity cannot do will be exposed. And then we're going to say we're in the hell was the media to cover this guy during the campaign. The answer is they didn't cover him because it didn't fit their political goals. And then we're going to feel embarrassed for this country. If Joe Biden wins, and he's gotta have a state of the Union address, and he can't read the damn teleprompter, he's going to meet with world leaders. He can't travel his frail and elderly He's not going to be able to do the job, which is what Trump's done for the past 47 months. He's done the job. You may not like the job he's doing, but he's active. He's alive. He's working. He's doing his job. He's an essential worker. Meeting in the American people and doing all that it can as he sees things to make things better for us. And so if he wins, the media continues their attacks. It's going to be ugly next year. If Biden wins is going to be obvious that mentally he's not present. The meters and look at yourself and say, Well, let's get Camilla Harrison there. Aly. She's mentally alert. She's a socialist. She's a Marxist, but she's mentally alert. Kamala Harris knows exactly what she wants to do and in concert. With Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. She'll do exactly what she wants to do, which is bring Washington D C in Puerto Rico into the United States of America, which guarantees democratic assertion in the Congress. She will try to get rid of the of the Electoral college. They will get rid of the filibuster, which means the Senate will become a version of the House of Representatives. They will begin reparations. They will open the southern border that provide free medical care to illegal aliens. Those things are going to happen because this will be their chance for two years to impose their marks is orthodoxy on our country before they have to face the voters again. So the next year or two will be a crisis One way or another. We're going to have that crisis. I'd rather have trump fighting the Democrats and having nothing happened, then having socialism defunding police imposed upon us. By Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. That you've heard my remarks. Want to get your comments next to 513749 7000. Pound 700 new 18 t shut down, not shut down where a mask don't wear a mask statistically. It is worse to shut down that not shut down. Look at these statistics. There's no comparison. I I wish I could say OK, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan. Shut down Connecticut. They shut down, they had great results. In the states that didn't shut down. Like Texas, Florida. West Virginia. They got terrible. There's no correlation. None, in fact, that there is a correlation, the more you shut down..

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