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If i sky manny's what makes the show right and you know he reminds me of reminds me a guy the main guy in staircase that netflix documentary we s whose wife fell down the just as well. She murder murder her what happened and this guy manny so sure of himself. He loves the spotlight. He's always right. He's a little bit why'd aid but he also seems to have quite a heart and it's just weird and gripping so throw you how you said that fighting for bail but what why do they need. What are they really one way but basically i will say kid gets into trouble with the cops in the bronx. Maybe what happens to him isn't one hundred percent fair from everyone's point of view and this journalist sacchi knafo who hosts the show went and did some digging on it and he has the most relaxed tone. I swear it must be like four a._m. A._m. When he's recording look you can imagine almost sounds board but in a way it's perfect foil for manny gomez who's kind of larger than life and if you had two of those characters actors you just might get over run with it so it works really well. I think it's clever and i think i had tipped the team put together because it's tight so the conviction gimblett media available wherever you get your podcast check it out six episodes of joy race fantastic well. Thank you very much crew and that just about wraps it up for this week career. I'm sure lots of our listeners would love to fully online. What's the best way for folks to do that sinjin on any data so if you're on infosec dot exchange mastodon i am at maria and if you're on twitter i'm at m. v. a. r. as sorry as long super-duper and we're on twitter as well at smash insecurity no g twin last south a. g. and we're also on reddit waking discussion about the show up there. Go and find us on ready and we're also

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