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Serena poon welcome to the podcast super excited to talk to you. Thank you so much for having me. Jj excited i am really thrilled to share you with the audience. And i want to get into your story. And how you became a nutritional alchemist because you have a very interesting concept of feeding. You know the type of diet you want for your physical body and then also the type for your energetic body. I'm just gonna put that out there as a tease. That's where we're gonna be talking about today before we get into that though. I think it's really interesting. Talk about how how you got here like what made you start to really study. Nutrition insert discover that you had to feed both these bodies. So let's let's talk your personal story and how you got here. Yeah so thank you. Thank you for Just thank you again for having me and allowing me to share so i- i dived into nutrition because of my parents journey with cancer. My daddy was diagnosed with cancer. When i was in college. And he had a head really challenging journey with that. And when he transitioned just a little over a year after that. Our mom was diagnosed with cancer. Through two months. After after he transitioned. They're both in their forty so very very young. And that that really shifted my hope perspective on what was important to me in life in what we had gone through as a family in what they had gone through and i realized that there had to be another way i really wanted to to understand how hughes food as medicine and diving into nutrition and wanting to also give that knowledge out to other people. Because we don't know as caretakers the best thing that we can do for our loved ones when they're not well so that's really kind of what started me on that journey except you know when i made this mission of wanting to take care of the people that i love and make sure they're happy and healthy into kind of spread that i left myself out of that. You know i. I find that so often. It's why i wrote warrior. Mom is is when you're a caretaker. I think that you get to this point where you feel like self-care selfish instead of self care being selfless like it's like you're so many things to do and you've got the emergent right in front of you that you get put on the backburner so yeah it's an i feel that you know even if we're mindful of it when push comes to shelvin there's there's certain situations if someone's really ill we do. We just shift our own self care down down down the priority ladder and i think. Also there's a sentiment that. I cared that a lot of people i feel can relate to in its that we think if we give it our all we think of we're completely selfless on. We sacrifice ourselves will get this wish. Granted you know from god or the universe save the people that we love and so and so what ended up happening. Was i have this sentiment and i ended up creating a lot of inflammation in my own body which ended up turning into a surgery where i had to remove damage tissue. That was inside inside my chest. Votes extreme. I mean like that like that level of damage. Well yeah and and and you know what's interesting. jj's that even realize you know. I didn't realize until the body got to that point where you're probably so focused on the emergency situation in front of you that you know you weren't even paying attention right. Yeah no and you go. And i think that again is you know just when we talk about self care that being selfish instead of selfish self love just as a way that we actually do. Take care of our bodies. You don't realize 'cause you're so focused on on other people in in your body kind of shifts into this mode so after. I had that surgery. Where at your move this damaged tissue. I actually contracted msa mersa. Which is the deadly infection. Pretty much from the or. And i ended up going through this journey of i ended up having eight surgeries in total but trying to get this mercer out and was unsuccessful for many of them and after my fourth surgery i had a massive hematoma twelve days post op loss about two leaders of blood nearly died and in that became a situation where i was forced to take care of myself. I and and and i'd always in and i was really fortunate. I had to angels in my life in. They're able to get me into a trauma a trauma center at on a weekend. They saved my life. It would patch me up. And then i had this this journey of needing to treat myself as my own client and patient and really having to raise my hemoglobin levels which had dropped down to nine back up into a healthy level where i could then go into my fifth surgery and repair the damage that had happened from this fourth wine. So so that's where. I started to really explore spirituality. Because i done all the right things with my physical health. I was exercising regularly really committed to that may nutrition was on point. I hadn't really hadn't really been practicing my spirituality in that kind of personal development equally. Cy made a commitment to talk to the spiritual healer. This master that. I'd been referred to promote family friend whose family had been speaking to her for years and i started talking to her once every three to four weeks And she worked on my energetic body you know she kind of worked on my shockers and she worked on on healing in clearing blocks in my spiritual body and so as we were going through this i thought i thought what if what if i also supported my spirit my spiritual body like what if i could use food. You know to also support. My physical body might searchable along with my physical body and as Dove into understanding. The shockers the shocker systems. How things could manifest itself from a block in our shockers in a ailment. I started looking into the different foods. And the and the frequency of foods to support those those centers as i was supporting just the healing process of my physical body and that's really where this alchemy of food nutrition kind of came into a sort of how birth but i was really doing it on myself. So how would you in. It's so great to like when you really look at it. Shouldn't we all like be our own. I for client right. You know so you have this spiritual master. Who's helping you. How would you know how would someone listening. No be able to distinguish their energetic body and distinguished some.

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