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Y. C 93.9 FM and AM 20 NPR News and the New York conversation. This is WNBC in New York. I'm David. First with these news headlines The United States has carried out its second federal execution this week, killing by lethal injection, a Kansas man whose lawyers contended he had dementia. And was unfit to be executed. Wesley Ira perky was put to death today at a federal correctional complex in Indiana. Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against a leader of the M S 13 gang on Long Island, 25 year old Alexey Sains is charged in seven killings. Including the murder of two high school students in Brentwood. Newsday reports that if sayings is convicted and sentenced to death, he would be the first person convicted of murder in New York to be executed by the federal government. Since 1954. The New York state Legislature returns to Albany next week, and tenant's rights advocates are pushing for a passage of bills to cancel rent payments for the duration of the Corona virus emergency. They say without some relief, a massive housing and potential homelessness crisis looms, Cameron DeWitt reports. The bills all have Majority party Democratic sponsors in both houses of the Legislature. One would free tenants from having to pay back rent beginning on March 7th of this year. Another bill prohibits evictions during the duration of the cove in 19 emergency and also prevents courts from issuing any judgments against tenants or acting on foreclosures. The measures also include some protections for landlords who may have to make mortgage payments on their property or finance, repairs and maintenance. The governor has not yet said whether he will extend the moratorium on evictions. Legislative leaders have not yet committed to supporting the bills. One time a DH. Two Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, will now serve as President. Trump's new campaign manager, Bill Stepien, will replace a brand par scale as the lead on the president's reelection bid. Right now 70 degrees heading up to a high of 76 this afternoon. Partly sunny skies. Welcome back to news. I will talk about the Chinese economy in the wake of the pandemic In a moment first you leaders meet in Brussels on Friday to work out a common response to their economic crisis because of lockdowns. Significant differences among member states remain on key issues, including whether the recovery fund will be based on loans or outright grants to those in need. Some argue the fund should be issued. Tio used to issued loans since grants would have to be repaid by all you taxpayers. Bethany Bell reports on the mood in Austria. Centuries thing makes the most beautiful tribe. I hope it's tense his vineyards in board in London, eastern Austria. Lock down here has eased in recent weeks. But really a winemaker who also ends a guesthouse says he's lost half of his yearly income. He thinks it's important for Austria to help are the you countries, But he says they should be given loans, not grants. Nobody's giving us money, and I'll be working so hard. Ve vill help, But they should give us the money back. Not tomorrow, but there should be a pan and if there is a plan, I think people will be agreeing. But there must be a plan that the people they have to pay it back if there is a decision to give grants What do you think the reaction will be here? The reaction would not be positive. This would be against Europe. If we turned many more people against Europe. I'm big fan about the euro about Europe because the free trading the free borders, it's so helpful for developing good, positive business. So I hope people make really clever, wise decisions that we will help them, but in a mutual way is commands him. Villy supports the tough position taken by Austria's Chancellor. Sebastian quotes in negotiating the use recovery fund. Sebastian quotes is doing well in the opinion polls and his message about being careful with Austrian taxpayersmoney is popular. But Powell Schmidt from the Austrian Society for European Politics, believes there will be a deal. The Austrian government knows that in the end, Europe is about compromise and that there will be a compromise. That's how your work's easy for them to be tough negotiations because in the end, they know there will be a compromise which will be also beneficial for them because Austria Is a small open economy whose welfare depends very much on its exports and on the single market, and if the single market doesn't work if our neighbors are not doing well, we're not doing well..

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