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Before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the United States, I want to know when Robert Muller thinks he's above coming, the Capitol Hill and testifying for Americans. I've got a picture this guy. Yes, you do. So I think Bernie's going to lose with his ideology, which he started to sell. I think he's crazy to do it. Nobody wants to hear that old stuff is back. Welcome to the revolution. Thousand saying you. Sean Hannity show. More behind the scenes information on breaking news and more bold, inspired solutions for America. Glad you're with us. Happy Friday and write down on toll free telephone number. It's eight hundred nine four one Sean if you want to be a part of this extravaganza. Yeah. I know all eyes are on the Middle East. And I know how the media's playing the, you know, the media, if Donald Trump, I said, this, it'd be cured cancer they'd criticize them gave every American millions of dollars. They criticize them look at creepy crazy, you know, sleepy, uncle Joe and, you know, he's got some real racial issues. I don't remember my whole life, your whole life is the problem and we'll get to that in a few minutes later today. But of course, we're all eyes are on the Middle East. We now have had two incidences one involving the shooting down in international waters of a drone in American drone by Iran. And then, of course, earlier in the Gulf Oman, you had the two tankers. That were hit by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. And we have all that evidence to, and I know a lot of people expected the loose cannon Donald Trump to race out there and, and go out and bomb them to smithereens. Oh, I think response is coming, by the way. No doubt. A response is coming, but it will be on his time now, one thing that the president, I think, has been right on an I remember this was this. This was my personal relationship with, with Donald Trump long before he was thinking of running for office, but he was fully engaged. He never liked the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. And he would say, why are we there? Why are we there? Why are we there? And I said, well, you know, I felt after nine eleven we had to it is just one of those moments where you, you know it just called for it. The worst attack on history. Now we've learned a lot since then as much as an even as a supporter of the conflict, and certainly the surge was painful and difficult than what really pissed me off. On one hand, you know, we were not ready in terms of we didn't have the military readiness. We didn't even have an again. We didn't know this at the time early on. We didn't have up armored humvees on my, what these kids are getting their legs blown off, and, and their faces disfigured, their arms blown off, and we're not protecting our own kids it. Drove me nuts then. Yeah, we got to Baghdad quickly and that part of the mission was accomplished and the media made such a big deal about that. But just think and remember how politicized that war became I mean, it was, you know, Mitch McConnell telling then president, by the way. Then President Bush that. No, we're not going to do the surge. We're going to start it but not finish it now to the president's credit. He has used all of the new technologies. We have available and hang on to write something. Okay. Anyway. So we got I think the answer is a new technology because after Vietnam and you lose fifty eight thousand kids down per second, fifty eight thousand American kids, that's our national treasure that is, you know, I know that America has paid the price for freedom. The blood, the toil, the sweat the tears. We have been we've even taken on the financial burden to keep the world safe. We don't get credit from many parts of the world, but it's been us. You know, there's never been berry Farber a country that has accumulated more power abused at less than the United States of America at Sean Hannity never been a country in the history of man. That is a cumulated more power and used it for the advancement of the human condition. More than the United States and Colin Powell off. Said this, you know, we don't ask we don't conquer, we don't take lands at, at the most we might ask for Normandy, for example, a plot to bury our dead that went to fight to free Europe from the clutches of, of Nazism and fascism. You know, it's hard for good people to know that there's evil, but you can see it, you know, maybe most of you so busy in your daily lives on the by what understand it completely. Life is busy. Life is tough. Life is hard and you get up in the morning, and you shovel some coffee down your throat and you help kids, getting dressed for school and getting off to the school bus or maybe drive them yourself. Whatever it happens to be. And then you race in the work and then you get to work, and you're ready behind the eight ball, and he had this meeting in this presentation, and you got this to do and you got, let's see. I gotta finish this job. I promise the homeowner I'd be done in a week and I have two weeks worth of work. I really got it now working eighteen hours a day, and then you go home if your kids are asleep. Okay, you don't see them, or you help them with their homework you feed them, and you get into bed. You try and read a book to them in your eyes fallen asleep, you know, fallen down because you're dead tired from the day, and then you, you get up in the next morning. And it's like groundhog day you do day in and day day in and day out. There is a grind aspect to life. Now on the other hand, if you had to get up every day, and yet, nothing to do it may sound appealing while you're in the middle of the grind that represents real life for real people. But I can't think of anything worse than waking up and having nothing to do, except turning on the TV and watch in Maury Povich say you are not the father. You are not the you know it's ridiculous. By the way, and then he acts like he so compassionate. Oh, I know you thought he was the father, don't worry, we'll test the next guy, and if it's not him, we'll text the next guy for you. I find it so exploitive to be blunt, just horrible. Well, we'll get you counseling. No. This is not about this is about. Well, we'll fly to New York, we'll give you big hotel room, you can ride in a limousine. And you know, we're really going to try and exploit you and make fun of your story, and then five years from now you're gonna feel embarrassed. They ever did this terrible. Well, you know, but we need every human being. I think the purpose I've said many times, the Latin derivative of education is ado, creates bring forth from within and that presupposes is predicated on the belief that I really have in my heart, which is that every single one of us were created by a living God with talent and ability. And if that talent is in us than if we live in a good environment and we're given love and an atmosphere, where we can bring the talents to fruition. Wow. People will benefit. From our service, everybody works in the service industry in some way, shape or form. I mean, every job I've ever done as a service job dishwashing, obviously cooking, obviously, making dinner bussing tables cleaning up, you know, then waiting tables. Giving a good dining experience the people that, you know, want to have a good night out on the town and have some fun and tending bar was kind of a good time for me because people having fun until how could you not have fun? Maybe too much fun. I had at that age tender age of seventeen yes, even before the legal drinking age, and, but life is hard. But it but you know what? We're all in the service business right now. We're in the news and information entertainment business. I've said this many times. Well, I'm a member of the press. I am a member of the press. This is what we do. I work on a news channel. I work on a radio station and, you know, for example, there are many nights, and we did part of this during the show last night. We just gave out information. There are plenty of interviews hundreds of hours. I could produce radio TV. We do straight interviews and other words, no opinion. Just okay. What, what's the news of the day? What happened that the school shooting, God forbid, what happened in Newark? Orleans. What happened in Afghanistan? What happened in Iraq? Those are not strong opinion nights. And then we do investigative reporting, the whole deep state we which we've been involved in now for well over two years. Well, vet Obama just like we're vetting Biden, and all the other, you know, democratic socialist, radical extremists that want to be president and take on Trump could look to any of them, but, you know, so we do investigative reporting, we do straight reporting, we don't hide the fact that I am a conservative conservative, Donald Trump's economy's good, because he applied conservative principles limited government, ending burdensome bureaucracy, the biggest tax cuts in history, and unleashing the energy explosion, which has now brought us to the point where seventy five years for the first time, we are energy, independent, which the timing couldn't be any better with everything that is happening in the straits of Hormuz and Oman, what Iran is doing the sabre rats. Selling and the only reason all that is happening because Donald Trump is not an appeaser like Bill Clinton appeased him Jong UN's father, Kim Jong Il and, and tried to bribe him out a nuclear is a good deal for the American people. I'm going to be saving scared you promised now. No one nuclear weapons. Yeah. Great. They have nuclear weapons. Or the Biden Obama, you know, bribery of mullah's of in Iran appeasement again, and they dropped one hundred and fifty billion in cash and other currency on the tarmacs for radical mullah's that are committed to the, the idiocy the insanity the ideology, the theocracy of you either converter die, and they're willing to strap bombs on their own kids and, and, and promise them, you know, virgins in heaven. If they kill innocent men, women, and children, especially Americans are Jews is a real clear present danger for the world. Hundred million human souls, were murdered in the last century, we see evil every day for those of you that don't read the newspaper, you read about, oh, rape of young kids, what one of the things that drives me nuts about not securing our border is the human trafficking aspect of things. We, we now have chronicled. We've interviewed these people that have worked fifteen years at the border, and these human smuggling rings of teen young teenage girls that are sex trafficked into, you know, states like New York where they're rape thirty or forty times a day. That's happening in the world, we live in evil before our eyes. Well, it would be smart to secure the border. It'd be smart to secure the border when seventy when ninety percent of the heroin in this country comes across that border. Now Fenton all coming across that border. It'd be smart to do that, too. The cartels, the gangs, and of course, in a two year period, four thousand homicides, and then you've got thirty thousand violent sexual assaults, and then you got one hundred thousand violent assaults by illegal immigrant, criminals. Well, it'd be smart, if we could vet people anyway. So now we're in the okay. What are we going to do about Iran stage? The only reason we're here is because the Iranian economy contracted over four percent last year. It's going to be six to eight percent this year, the now going to be facing inflation at a whopping forty percent. And that means they're in economic trouble. And they already have a restless population that is sick and tired of this repressive theocracy and they're insane ideology, and watching people get stoned to death. Quote, either for adultery, or if you're gay and lesbian the throwing you off rooms and killing you just for being who you are there, too. Well, I don't know why liberals are so quiet about. Life under sharia law for women, gays, lesbians, Christians Jews. I don't understand it. To me. I'm I'm the human rights advocate here, just like you know where the civil libertarians on the abuse of power. All right. I want to get to a lot today. I'm going to tell you what I think is coming next. We'll get to all of that. We also have a lot to get to in terms of the deep state. The twenty twenty candidates and much much more. Governor Mike huckabee's.

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