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We I would confide in him too with with just about anything. Yeah. A lot of people are reminded me of those conversations. And and and so, yeah, it it is a, you know, it is a blessing. It is. I I am honored. And I take this very seriously. And and I think there's some things that we can do good again. I think the job of the county prosecutors to help people, but also Pete people safe and those aren't mutually exclusive. Yeah. I I think back to fifteen years ago. So you're just two years or move from law school at this point. Why were you thinking if it is indeed right around that time when you were thinking, why did you identified that is something that you want to aspire to it's such a young age? You know, I it wasn't so much that I actually thought it would happen at that time is just was one of those things. Like, man, if I had my choice of jobs, I think that's where I go at that time politics was not on my radar. And so. But just working as a, you know, as a public defender, representing the most vulnerable the poorest people in our communities. So I'm seeing it from the lowest levels. You know, relative, anecdotally speaking, and and I just thought that there was an opportunity to really make an impact in and you can see I can see early on that you know, as any young attorney. You wanna make a difference? And you think eight one day I could be a judge, and then I can really make a difference and and several years ago. I got that that I that honored that opportunity and once I got that opportunity, and it didn't take me long to realize. Now, the real impact is from the prosecutor's office as the judge ninety plus percent of the cases by the time. They reach me, they're already resolved. But the prosecutor in addition to working out plea deals decides who gets charged or who doesn't get charged or you know, as a municipal court prosecutor now, I can say, hey, you got this ticket or you got you had this whatever. Or a violation. If you do X, then I won't charge. You you go to driving school. We'll we'll dismiss you find you have that ability to help people. And so now as the county prosecutor, I'm looking at that from a bigger scale, there's more that we can do and I'm a big advocate for implementing and further expanding diversion programs like drug treatment programs and mental health programs for nonviolent offenders. And so again, I want to be clear so people don't misconstrue once you commit violent offenses..

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