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She lives in wisconsin shawnee county and was recently arrested and at the time that she was arrested they see some narcotics narcotic sheet attempted to how do we say it carefully hide in the garage sports cars the one reference than okay got it okay good she put them there and there was quite a bit well there was we'll do this how many grams of drugs do you think the twenty year old does ray webster had stored in her garage if i give you some numbers all right fourteen grams is it thirty seven grams is it sixty six grams or d eighty two grams okay what's it like a powder pill form a gram grams a graham was it like a bottle prescription bottle towards we're talking merely about the weight of the drugs let's assume for the purpose of this they were wrapped in more traditional plastic baggies okay but not in a bottle of of some sort okay i'm gonna go sixty six dow we have a buzzer actually we should just refer to as a parking garage now right stadium okay in in the garage parking garage and actually believe it or not she was not the only person arrested in the car was her thirty nine year old employer friend drill mccollum convicted drug dealer and police say that his mo was to travel with a woman who had the ability to.

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