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Same way they don't make an anti viral or VirusTotal nasal spray the FDA doesn't have a category for that so what we did is we went and we put oregano oil we put tea tree oil we put eucalyptus wood but probably article which is an anti fungal we put all of these oils in there a lot of people said column essential oils but to me they're not essential so I just column natural oils but we put those into this nasal spray so if you stay if you feel like you're getting something just wash it out clean out your nose you know get something up there in your nostrils that isn't going to hurt your tissue but is going to kill the bacteria I'll take it a step further I don't wait till then you know it's just like I don't want me because by the time I get the symptom I'm already digging a hole for myself now some people like my wife she's a little more hearty and her immune system she can bounce back from stuff much quicker than I am I'm sort of like the proverbial Ford Pinto you know breaks down a lot recovers she's sort of like the at the Bentley of the rolls Royce show just the Janet Kelly so I don't wait I you know I think that what I use the clear nasal spray for is I want to go there in the in the beginning I don't want to notice something wrong I want to say I've never noticed anything because I've got clear up my nose most of the time but that's just me well I really don't have a you know when I get sick well I shouldn't say when I get sick as that one I should say one one other people come up to me and and in on some of their sick I I'm like well I don't know how to relate to this I don't know what it's like to be sick yeah exactly it is needed most people is just the opposite they're just going from one cold one flew one sinus infection of the other and I keep going back to the doctors and keep getting the same thing the same treatment you know and then the side effects of those folks it's time to get off of that let me let me speak to after a second because if they have chronic chronic up restaurant sections like what you just described where they're going from one to another yeah cancers are are extremely high and in fact I'm gonna say they're so high they're they're nine to a hundred percent but they have some kind of a Biles don't build up in their way and doctor Hoffman I think you had on your show a couple of times yeah he has actually written an article where is he where they actually pulled all the researchers showed that the this is what's causing chronic issues.

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