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That he had, and they took that away just a little bit towards the end of the season. He's Jason fits. I'm Freddie Coleman on Friday, and Fitz Simmons on ESPN Radio, ESPN app. And since excellent channel 80 giving you big questions involving these four games in the NFL, we move on the Giants versus the Broncos. Jason was the biggest question about that game. Can the Giants abomination of an offensive line? Hold up? I mean, just this is a Broncos team that is getting a little bit of love. That's going to get a lot of love for their defense after this game, But I don't think it's because the Broncos are particularly good. I think the Broncos have a lot of questions of their own. I cannot wait to see Jerry Judy play with the competent quarterback. I think that's going to be fun. But man that Giants offensive line is going to get everybody killed, and I think that the Broncos are going to feast. My biggest question is how much Daequan Barkley we're going to see because the sake one has his way as most players want to have their way. He wants to be out there for more than a little bit When you're coming up with torn a C L and you run the way that he does, where you rely so much on jump cuts and everything like that. You can't put that kind of stress in your first NFL game when you have not had any preseason action. To see if you're going to be ready to do that. So how much of that game plan is going to involve him? How involved will he be in that game plan? Because we know if he's effective. Daniel Jones feels a lot better. If he's not effective. If he's still injured enough, then that's going to be a situation that jobs may have to think about not just for this game, but for the rest of the season. Last. But not least you got the Jets versus the Panthers, the new quarterback with the Jets against the ex quarterback of the Jets, when it comes to Zach Wilson on one side for New York and Sam Donna on the other side for the Carolina Panthers. Jason was the biggest question about this game. How many drinks does too many drinks for a Jets fan When you watch what Sam Darnell's actually capable of doing without enough around him? I mean, I think Sam Donaldson to me he's going to be the comeback player of the year. Matt Rule is going to have that team click and Christian McCaffrey is going to have a big year if he's a lot up for Sam Donald, who I think is one of those guys that responds to being believed in and he feels like that's the case in Carolina. I know that sounds cheesy, but I think it makes a difference to his performance on the field. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Panthers go out and beat the Jets and San Donald look really good doing it. That wouldn't surprise me either. And my biggest question about that is after that game is over. How many judge fans want to jump off the roof? Because Zach Wilson is not the guy after one game? That to me is the biggest question about this When they're going to say, Oh my God, he looks so great in the preseason, announced the regular season. Why can we have drafted Trail and or Justin Field? I can't wait to hear if the Jets don't be the Carolina Panthers and I'm with you. I think the Panthers are going to win. What the New York fan base is going to sound like on Monday with things not going their way when they thought they got a better quarterback that anybody could have imagined. In preseason with Zach Wilson. He's Jason fit to them on Twitter at Jason fits and Freddie coming to me on Twitter, Com and ESPN, part of the Doctor Pepper Twitter feed. We are part of Freddie and Fitzsimmons. And speaking of that writers, Jason tell you the biggest question about that team. The people rooting for them. And this year this is ESPN radio. We're back on.

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