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The 1989 All Star game and the way things kicked off that that legendary night when Ronald Reagan was in the booth with Vin Scully and Bo Jackson took to back And as Bo Jackson comes up, we talked about Ozzie Smith and you were in a cardinal uniform, and Jackson wears baseball and football and you did football. Yes, played the Gipper. But I also played for real in a much earlier time to that bow down there. That's a pretty interesting hobby he has for his vacation. When baseball ends, he winds up Playing well playing football. I just don't know if there's ever done with anyone doing a remarkable and look at that one ball, Jackson says. How long? Ooh mm six months ago. And Rick Russia is greeted on the first pitch. Tipo Jackson almost hit it out of state Perfect. That's going to set it up pretty interesting for him to the end of the season when he goes back to the Los Angeles Raiders again when you're the board up on your own radio show, Raiders board up Arts you can drop in the former president, United States shouting out your football team. What a moment and the reason I bring it. Bring it up his last night. I tweeted out that I don't like manufactured excitement. I want the real deal. That was an authentic moment. On on baseball's biggest stage, The Midsummer Classic Bo Jackson the first pitch of the game, Ronald Reagan and Vince Scully on the call. It doesn't get more Americana than that,.

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