Adam Schiff, CNN, People Magazine discussed on The Mark Levin Show


And then the s the dripdrip speaking to the russians the drip drip drip of the don jr meeting peres new information today we know about the eighth guy in the room talking about losing his mind adam schiff the democrat adam schiff for brains adam is flip without he was on cnn earlier with some of the new details that are coming out about the eighth man in the room he came from the grassy knoll we'll get to that all and people magazing people magazine has a story out today that donald trump jr is miserable and cannot wait for his father to leave the white house yeah will will give you this story also coming up lot agrout to cover here on schnitt stand by hey i've got an awesome awesome awesome offer for you how about getting a complete harry's shave set free how about getting the harry's shave set the trial set which is just packed with great stuff absolutely free and i'll tell you how to get this ingest them all they want he was cover a small amount of shipping that's it and when i say a small amount were talking a couple of bucks here folks i mean this is a nobrainer for the value that you're going to get lesson harry's has changed the shaving industry because their product is phenomenal it is high.

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