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There are some really good footage. I felt like when she gets to new york. And film. Some of the kids. From the larry clark movies skating i was like. Oh you clearly are like a deeper. Yeah person or artists than you were pigeonholed. As with your big tits. I thought all this stuff about that was Yeah just ultimately. I gotta say ultimately the fact that she didn't point anything that whole thing about charlie sheen was. Oh it was the love of my you know like oh. It was a great love affair. And she doesn't. That's where you went with she. She doesn't investigate anything in that. You can tell that she's still kind of thinks it's cool and when it landed with that i was like i can't see much past that because you're so did come up a few times which i was like ou know shannon. She definitely like an interview since she's been like no. It's this cool love thing. And that's the way you're looking at edward weird and it's oh this cute guy like ultimately it comes down on the cute famous guy like took my virginity and the guys or house of pain which she's valorize is him and frankly bitch steps up on smacking never loved that song. there's definitely some bad. There's a bit of. I felt not necessarily cool enough. And so i'm look. These people thought it was cool instead of actually living it and it it made me sad. It made me not necessarily give her complete pass right or or give her a complete. It made me go. You have some investigating to do. And i wish you had done it totally. Does that would have been so much more interesting than what you did. Which was this half halfway there. Yeah yeah totally agree. This is a rare thing. I don't normally do this. Pitchfork the music review website No they basically just did a list coil of revising albums from the last like reviews and scores. From the last twenty years pitchfork or whatever and sort of going back and saying like hey we fucked up we used to be this like scrappy contrary and whatever here are new grades for things that we either either bad mouth that were kind of better than we thought or over praised and we're kind of crafting it's caused all this hubbub in the music criticism world. It's so funny. It's just mostly like pitchfork is so don't ask that i find the whole thing hilarious. Whatever just like what you were in fucking two thousand one with your like liz fair reviews but there's been all this hubbub about this. My favorite response to it of all was led the zolak a very funny music writer and sort of pop. Culture commentator said the one pitchforks score. I wish i could have revised.

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