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She probably wouldn't have been put into a sanitarium or today internet's just able to just you know. Oh mary so i. I just wanted to say that. I think that mary has gotten a bad rep in us history. I think she's often been seen as this crazy woman. One in actuality. It's just her. Grief was just too much for any person to deal with on on her own. I mean and you know. Even when abe was alive they didn't grieve the same way She would oftentimes be off in her room and he would be. You know going to The gravesite to mourn and stuff or they just they just grief differently. I think the timing of the spiritualist movement and the started the sanitariums popularity in the us played a major in. How people saw her so. Mary spent the next four years traveling through europe and took up residence in france for a little while but during this time her health really started to decline she suffered from severe cataracts that left her eyesight largely diminished which caused her to fall off and in eighteen seventy nine. She suffered a spinal cord injury from a fall from a step ladder. She successfully petitioned congress for an increase in her in her pension and also got a one time bonus. Yeah yeah she did really well. She was really good with politics and Especially you know. The republican party was Just starting off with abe lincoln so You she made a lot of connections so in the early eighteen eighties. She was forced to return to springfield into live out her final days with her sister. Her health kept her from doing anything else besides just living she needed around the clock. Care july fifteenth eighteen eighty two. Exactly eleven years after tad died to the day she collapsed. She lapsed into a coma and died the next morning of a stroke. At the age of sixty three her funeral service was held at first presbyterian church in springfield illinois. Wow what an interesting story. Yeah we didn't even cover you know so. Many of the political intrigues. And all the things i'm sure she was involved with but just What an amazing woman. I mean was yeah. Tragic very much but Obviously you know was able to to accomplish too. And she was well known in her day to even even after a pastime. Sure i'm sure Constantly in the paper you know probably for not great things but you know she was. She was definitely a A pop figure. Yeah those days interesting all right. So do you have anything to add to the history. I don't think we you man. You did a good job. And i tried to add in a few little things there so i think we're good. Yeah i've passed by The bellevue right. Yes me too. Yeah actually. I will mention this as well. is that So batavia illinois is real close to us and that's where we're that wheelhouse are sorry. The home was But i also in my research found out that there is a hotel or what used to be a hotel in saint charles illinois which is also close to us where abe in. Mary would often visit some of their friends that owned this hotel or the end. They would stay there while visiting. Colonel phoebe bian. Who's our big famous person around here. was was friends with them and they claim the there's one article i read that there were potentially stances that happened in this. How a hotel in saint charles But i really couldn't find a whole lot of details about it so we're not gonna go talk any more about it but i just thought that was such an interesting you know chicago connection and local illinois connection..

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