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Where you just feel like city tries a little too hard to kind of feel things out for possession instead of really going at people and we saw a lot of missed connections last weekend while they were trying to kind of pro burly on and eventually it's like okay am I listening to a fish song where they're not getting anywhere with this twenty minute jam session or they can actually do something and that it's kind of not ever come to a head with with a little city until they give up a call and then they start play and it's really frustrating watch so from a tactical point of view you just because you go down it doesn't mean that you know everything stays the same the defense the opposing team always sort of changed their tactics usually when they when they go up and that's what compacts the issue of city nothing able score yeah that's why I'm still playing it if I remember correctly had almost like a a four one four one or either way I whatever the formation was the bank players back it's really hard to break them down there's a ton of guys in the box that makes it a lot harder to play around on the ground I got a hope that somebody finds their way to a header a little things like that it's just it makes a really tough and we talk about giving up goals conceding and alluded to it just just a second ago a city not really finding the finding the back then at least not the clip that they have in previous years you know no no goal last game a goal against our to win that one all draw they did score two gets national but then it's just one goal or nine and couple and so for that yeah and and that's been sort of the challenge of having a striker in Luke Spencer who he does have five goals and he's in a little bit of a dry spell here but he's a guy who you play off of it it's he's not quite like a second striker yeah I mean he's not quite like a river to for me now or or or or Sergio Aguero players in the premier league who are creative enough to score in their own he he's a guy who you play off of these like Peter crouch you laid off to him you you play a ball into many lays it offers teammates to run off of them and it just hasn't quite worked that way so far and that's why I think they've changed the formation a little bit the supposedly.

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