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Done it. You've found that perfect place. The perfect neighborhood. Now, all you need is eagle Bank with a team that makes getting a mortgage a whole lot easier from local decision making to some of the most competitive fixed on adjustable rate mortgages, you'll find anywhere. We're here to make getting that perfect place a reality where eagle Bank here to help. You do more. Call one eight hundred Bank member FDIC member DIF, equal housing lender. Looking for that perfect weekend getaway place on the lake a place just aren't that sandy path place where life is a little more relaxed and talk to eagle Bank about our competitive fixed rate mortgages and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing we keep things simple, really simple where eagle Bank, and we're here to help. You do more. Call one eight hundred Bank equal member FDIC member DIF, equal housing lender. Greenhills Irish Baker is the best way to start your day serving the greater Boston community for more than twenty five years. Greenhouses there to wake up every morning with freshly brewed coffee and a gourmet breakfast sandwich to satisfy your sweet tooth with a wide selection of homemade muffins scones cookies and cupcakes with Guinness beasts do and Honey towns may daily for leads Greenhills Irish Baker your next up located on Adam street in Dorchester and open daily at five. AM Greenhills bakery dot com. Thirty one degrees in Boston hazy sunshine, very windy right now going up to forty two today. This is WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty where the news watch never stops. It's nine forty nine. Good Saturday morning to you. Thank you for being here. I'm Tina Chow top stories we're following on WBZ.

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