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The final because it means exactly that they put up with the business blood if the eighty four one but these legislatures which are pera retirees because a better he was at the boat watched the right there politicians they go reading the aar crazy of legislatures try to limit their constituents oh yes absolutely and that's why you're not see in it but you should see at lety is in at night said new jersey one a one point five any eve hey great uh i own a driving school and i get a lot of stone calls from adult about their parents drive in me personally i one hundred percent they should uh re has i think they should start a 50 you know uh the vision has then the parallel parking e a sixteen seventeen year old kid came in parallel park how do you expect these older people to to parallel part i mean this goal requires 16yearold to do sixhour behind a wheel with a driving school right once they get the licence that seventeen th they're good for the rest of their life in makes sense if it's unbelievable with the state does and i to the dmv all the time of by permit the these people coming in with walker's and aired and the kids are wall and the renewing their licence it's like i'm like this person's drive in your car would so dr airtight greg did an accident thanks for the call to new jersey one a one point five at degree point though six hours a driving school for the rest of your life you get the drive in.

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