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Thirty nine and your free I heart the vice I was in I was a young lad when I have the forty five a group was in shock a con tell me something good what I don't want that forty five and I really like the song he Shaka Kahn when I did some really cool things but they were one of the nominees for this year's rock and roll hall of fame and as much as I like the song which I do how is not enough to earn ruthless and Chaka Khan a spot in the run him all of the name your name yeah great song cool tune they didn't make it into the rock and roll hall of fame they were not a doctor but they were nominated and I'm just saying you know we have one song that I'm aware of it was popular okay in in in in that same vein someone who did make it into the rock and roll hall of fame this time around and they say Williams he influenced generations you know beyond what he had done maybe that's true but again it goes back to T. rex bang a gong what do you that's rock and roll no to rock and roll absolutely great great classic song I love the song now give me another song by him real quick give me another song by T. rex go go I don't know you don't know go March any right now all service you don't know so how is it in no disrespect this is a classic rock songs using movies is being used in so many different things very catchy it has to be that somehow you influence other bands but band sound just like T. rex I mean is he just directly influence those bands it has to be I mean you give a rock wall based on one great song do you I guess you do it's like Norman Greenbaum spirit in the sky right I mean it is not enough to get Norman green ball.

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