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A low rise up squad today. You're in for a treat today. We have Jason Romano on the show. Jason was a producer at ESPN and for seventeen years he's created and produced content. I shows such as sportscenter Monday night. Football Mike and Mike in the morning Sunday. NFL Countdown College. Game Day Major League Baseball All Star game And many more He's he's a great talent talent. Now Jason is over at the sports spectrum. podcast he is the host for that show. So he's he moved into the sports ministry period It's just a great conversation with Jason. You know how you talk to someone and you feel like you've known them for for quite some time. That's that's how I hello Jason Just felt like I was just talking to a friend It's really good guy talks about his journey with ESPN Talks about his faith breath. And just What his definition of success is an much more so tune in guys in for a great show? Well.

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