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Health experts to say could reopen schools are either of you concerned about bullying based on vaccination status or mask wearing. That's something that came up in the survey. You know, I think it's really important that we recognize that all of our schools need to be welcoming places for all students and educators are working hard to make sure that as we come back from the pandemic Schools are not only safe physically but also emotionally safe, and that includes ensuring that all students feel comfortable wearing masks or if they're vaccinated or not vaccinated, feeling comfortable in that school community schools, our communities, families notice all the parents on this call. No, it's more than a place where you learn how to read and do math. It's a community. It's like a second family. So we have to make sure that our schools are well welcoming for all students, especially after this pandemic, where we've seen a lot of division. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. He's also joined by Dr Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The moderator is Kate Snow of NBC News. This is a virtual discussion on back to school to town Hall hosted by the National P T a doctor Lewinsky You and I spoke earlier today, much earlier today and you were mentioning Like 7 30 in the morning this morning, she's up already and looking like this, Uh, you were mentioning, though, the you know, modeling behavior is important. Right? Tell me that again you're talking about the way parents behave is important. Absolutely. I think we set that example for our Children. So let's come to the together at the table. Let's understand and have a dialogue and let's understand where our differences are. But most importantly, where were you have things in common? I think we can all agree that we want our Children to be. Safe. We all in our communities to be safe, and we want schools to be a safe place to end and educational, um, plays a socially safe place for them. So let's find the places that we agree and then have an open dialogue about how we get there. Secretary Cardona one last question about the physical schools. You know, A lot of our schools are aging. I know the administration is making a push for infrastructure. I wonder whether you think most schools are you know, in terms of the H back and her The air conditioning, the heating, you know our things up to speed now, or can we feel confident that most schools are covid safe? I'm glad you brought that up because I think it really speaks to the fact that over this past year, a lot of attention was given to air quality and air flow in schools and ensuring that our systems are working up to up to code. And a lot of funds went towards that the American rescue plan funds were available, and part of it is making sure that our buildings already I visited schools where they upgraded their system or they fix their system. It seems like in many systems across the country, where in just repair, But thankfully, funds were there, and districts have worked on that. So I do feel confident that attention was placed there. And while we have old buildings, a lot of attention was given to the air quality of these buildings over the last six months. Final thoughts from both of you, Dr Wolinski. What gives? You hope right now, Um, Children always give me help because I think that as there as our future generation, I am learning so much from my own Children. I'm learning behaviors that they model for me. And so I think as our future generation, they want to be back in school. They want to be safe. Um, They wanted to have a wonderful school here in a wonderful learning environment, and I think we can look to them to unify and to send the kids Messages to have just a great year ahead. So I am really hopeful for the academic year of 21 22. I will have a graduate that year. In fact, I will have to. And so I'm really hopeful for the year ahead. There's the second is from college. Right? Do you have Secretary Cardona? Do you want the last word here? And what makes you hopeful the 50 million students that are entering our schools? This week and next week and knowing that there's a year full of promise of positive relationships of learning of growth, and I want the same for every child across the country that I expect for my own Children, and we're going to work really hard at the Department of Education to make sure that not only do we reopen our schools, but that our Children have an opportunity to thrive. That's our job. Secretary Cardona Thank you so much, Doctor Wolinski. Thank you guys on a very busy day for making some time for all the parents appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. All right. Well, um, for our next segment, this is the one that I told you about called keeping kids safe in schools. I want to welcome now. Dr Lee Savio Beers. She's president of the American Academy of Pediatrics. You all know that group that's all. You know, the sort of body that governs all of our pediatricians and Francis Frost is with us as well. She serves on the national PT Abortions, chair of the Family engagement Committee. Welcome to both of you. Thank you for having us. It's really, really great to be here today with everyone, Absolutely. Doctor beers. I'll start with you. We've heard from parents and all these concerns that we laid out Specifically, concerns around the vaccine still exist. There are some who think that it's too soon the How can I trust a vaccine? We don't know. As 11 woman I heard say in one of the sessions this summer that the P T a held a woman said, What about five years down the line if I find out their side effects for my child? So there's can you help us understand from pediatricians. Point of view why we should trust the science on these vaccines? Yeah, absolutely. I'm really happy to and I think the first thing I want to say is, it is normal and okay to have questions as a parent. That's our job is assurances to is to make sure that we understand the.

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