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The Endangered Species Act is blamed for years of delays on a planned road project to make it safer for kids walking to and from Nisqually middle school one of the Thurston county commissioners is making it very clear he's fed up with this more from call most Carlene Johnson Thurston county commissioner Gary Edwards tells the Olympian he's fed up with the go for being prioritized over children the most I'm a pocket go for to be exact holding up a project which was approved years ago had silicon road southeast between Pacific Avenue and Marvin road because they can't get permission from the department of interior says that the. over is more important than the kids there's just one lane in each direction no turn lanes no crosswalks are bike lanes and it is dangerous the interior department has to approve though the county's mitigation plan for the pocket gopher and that's been going back and forth for years the project originally scheduled for construction in twenty seventeen now a grant for it has timed out and go on to other projects Carly Johnson komo news climate activists caused a big scene yesterday outside for Seattle branches of JP Morgan chase bank in downtown Seattle protesters set up large tripods calling on the bank to stop investing in companies that deal with fossil fuels the protests were peaceful but police did arrest eleven people at two locations when they didn't follow orders to leave in maple valley the superintendent of the to home school district is suddenly out during a special meeting last night the school board accepted the resignation of Tony Jurado and issued a statement saying in part through the fault of neither party his considerable high integrity skill knowledge and experience just was not the best match for the present needs of the district parents on a Facebook page say they were blind sided by this one person wrote I cannot believe this I was so very impressed with him I've tried in the past to give the board and the destruction the benefit of the doubt but I don't think I can do that anymore we've reached out to the school district and to board members for a comment a new policy that takes effect in Portland today means you will have to ask for a plastic fork or spoon with your take out meal under the new rules businesses will only be allowed to hand out plastic items upon request well some people say the movie is inconvenient many support the change businesses that don't comply could face a five hundred dollar fine it's eight thirty nine and we're just a minute away from a como sports update are you over to its iPhone season it spread which to sprint and get a new light on a lot and I've done a lot of the meeting on the camera systems and.

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