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Officially sanctioned podcast about the show about four lifelong friends who compete to embarrassed in public. You You know, know, the the one. one. Show. Impractical jokers podcast. Oh, yeah. Impractical jokers fogcast the toughest broadcast on on the streets of New York. Actually, fifteen floors above it at north south production. Oh, that's right James McCarthy choosing Joe season Jost and the ever a luminous the wickedly talented. Danny green was how are you doing good? We're doing good, Danny? I'm so I'm obviously running the levels right now. There's probably a lot of peaks. So I apologize. They'll be a lot of allies on this one. But we'll try to hit only peaks. Right. Nice james. We missed you guys last week. We didn't discuss the episode because we had a fun episode with with Derek Colin. Yes, we'll discuss it'll for a little bit later in this podcast right here. But I dive right into episode eight oh five, and this is very exciting because we have to special guests that are joining us while we have communist producer Joe in Berge L, yellow senior comedy producer Jones. Emotiv and senior comedy producer, John Salunke. Yeah. I also got promoted. I know I hit seniors Bibi senior, we tell tell you, really. Jacket. That's your way that. Yeah. That's the cost a lot of money. Yeah. Leather as I emblazoned logo on the over the breast. Yeah. The the caller has made a gold flakes. Fell off the subway season as very cool. Very cool. Joining us, and we're talking about this episode. It's very fun one. We'll dive right into the first challenge was paid for groceries. And we talked a lot about this. When we were when we were.

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