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Mothers against drunk driving has partnered with police departments across the state to increase drunk driving enforcement this weekend Carol leads Ellen Skye as at Irving police headquarters mothers against drunk driving says that one of the set up its first saturation Saturday highlighting upcoming spike in travel around Labor Day Mads Amadou god says almost five thousand crashes involved a drunk driver last year in North Texas alone the grim reality is that you your family or someone you know will probably be impacted by a tragedy of drunk driving at some point Irving police chief Jeff Spivey says the city's first line of duty death was twenty six years ago when an officer was hit by a drunk driver this event still weighs very heavy on the hearts and minds of every employee of the Irving police department a few months later Spivey says his brother and a friend died in a drunk driving crash he says his brother was the drunk driver at Irving police headquarters Alan sky newsradio ten eighty care will the CBT is getting more mainstream by the minute and Kroger announced its carrying twenty one topical C. B. D. items in many of its stores in and around DFW and Houston all the products are topical lotions bombs in creams sparkle Anderson from Kroger they the range is very low from fifty milligram to five milligram so it does not produce a high in all of our products have been checked for quality and safety obviously the safety of our were customers at the mo top of our mind and it's our highest priority and so anything that we fail it is going to be safe and they're not injectable if it's all possible in Kruger says all the products are over the counter in range in price from three ninety nine to fifty nine ninety nine did we learn nothing from the eighteen you don't mess with Mr T. people there's up hot website called leaf leave that's promoting a kind of marijuana that's called Mr T. M. R. T. and Mr T. isn't having it he says it's confusing and it makes it look like he's promoting legal pot Mr T. is suing that leaf lied to force them to change the name for its side legally says it patties think of certainty of the claim that's funny I mean any time you can put a dad joke in here I'm always down for that absolutely well no dad joke there's some heavy rain right now in Parker county will get a look with traffic and weather together on the aids and then what's going to be different about those Texas Rangers jerseys this week here it comes again lunch will be the same old.

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