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A marine bet that's one of you close brethren who rough and navy prevailed in a close game on a lastsecond jogged goal forty two forty uh again at home in annapolis maryland at navy marine corps stadium forty three to four over the southern methodist university must banks navy opened the scoring with anthony guys you low going out on a threeyard touchdown run the go up seven zero but smu came back with a field goal navy retaliated with malcolm perry the backup quarterback went ninety two yards for a touchdown team to three there was a naysayer one of those funny plays football where when you block an extra point recounted you get two point and that's what happened so smu was able to finish the first quarter with five points 13 to five score for malcolm a recordsetting day he ran for two hundred fifty two yards on the day he scored on a twenty four yard ron for navy to go up twenty five and uh navy hit the stretch that lee four to eleven the third quarter of midshipmen just did not let up they went out forty the 25 before us and you monitor come check the scored in the third quarter to bring it forty two two in win with only a minute left uh they scored again and tied it up at forty but two midshipmen were undaunted they took the ball 10 plays seventy eight yards and were able to finish it off with an eighteen yard field goal from t r osborne to win the game forty three to forty two thrilling victory midshipmen move to 6 and three on the season and foreign three in the conference fifth it hasn't been there typical season where they just been steamrolling opponents but yet they still find themselves at six three having a tremendous season well the navy that's fantastic that is in costa the.

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