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This letter that was leaked that said we were pulling out that was unsigned that is the one of the most damaging things to our policies that could have ever happened I mean it it the E. U. you couldn't you couldn't be working for the other side and have a better thing happened then at that point say all we're gonna pull out which forces the president to say no we're not which which it enables Aranda say look we're winning forces us to stay is there going to be any consequence for this person do you believe that that was just released accidentally your answer as honestly as I can as just a grand I don't know but it but we have to find out I mean it was in a very troubling communication in in the midst of at the time when the communication should have been very concise and very very clear and it clearly was in the president's policy it clearly wasn't the administration's view that all cable we're gonna we're gonna curtailing run by the way that's exactly what what the Iranian regime wants us to do so that they can write it in court through that area we we need to we need to as I've as I've said for several years now I I think we we need to re look every place we have American soldiers over there and ask the question is is central to the necessary what we getting for this but you can't do it and not yet at this moment and you can't give it to the show Shia militiamen to the Iranian regime at this time so yeah those are simply we should look at what what is the purpose of the US troops in Iraq and how long should they be there before that communication to have been leaked deceptively like that once and this and that kind of message man would love to find out who did that and and what what would that be pretty easy to find out I mean who wrote that was at a low level private who just didn't know they were doing or I mean that had to have some way to bind it somebody who wrote that we should be able to find and they should be fired at best army sorry at least well and and I'm gonna withhold judgment on that until I know more because I wanna I wanna say something without the facts but then we need to find out and that's and and and that's just the bottom line we need to find out who did it under what circumstances what they're thinking it just wasn't what the president's policy did not reflect our policy will be granted it was just misconstrued in the sense that they were gonna reposition troops and it might even poorly stated but the first thing we're gonna reposition troops to better defend ourselves that's a very different and we're gonna reposition troops to prepare for a withdrawal well let me know if you pursue it because I'd like to know the answer to that because I think this was the this this this was really disturbing I've not seen that happen before Chris Stewart thank you so much appreciate it congressman restore from the great state of.

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