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But within tiers of performance, whether they have how I define for instance, star caliber performance versus starter caliber performance to, you know, committee caliber on down, and they each get placed in those areas, and if they qualify for certain levels of that. But maybe not everything they kind of fall in between, and they get certain levels of bonuses that are projectable to you know, that I've deemed that they're projectable things that they can get better at. I love it. I'm now eleven hundred pages. That's just insane. Matt, but I love it. And I love talking with you about these guys. So let's dive into it since you have it graded the way you did. And since you've already looked at it post draft. I guess what I'm most interested in Matt would be either the guys that you really liked that maybe other people weren't as high on. And you think they were great picks for certain teams, and guys that you really had some questions about and you're not so sure about their selection by those teams, and you know, the process will play out, and we'll see what ends up happening. So why don't we start with the positive? You know, some guys that you really liked maybe more than the quote unquote community did and you felt like the teams that took them got trauma. Lendus value and made excellent picks. Sure. I mean, I think we'll start off even just with the quarterback position class at a lot of people don't feel like is as good as what we saw in the past few classes, and what made to come..

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