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And your car can be picked up tomorrow. Don't eat your car today. Now accepting donations of land, homes, buildings, or any kind of real estate. 6 28? How about some traffic and weather on the 8s we start with Dave dildine. Three 95 two and from D.C. while the baseball traffic's heading inbound at the 14th street bridge outbound of the main span, we had one stopped in the left lane, and downtown the Virginia avenue 17th, 18th, 19th street intersections are blocked. There's no 17th intersections. 18th and 19th on Virginia avenue blocked for that big truck crash in the investigation in the 19th street is an important connector between Virginia and constitution avenue with that block all afternoon long. There's much more traffic on the east street expressway and it's very slow in about an outbound through the E street tunnel. And even on the 66th Potomac freeway. All right, in Virginia, Alexandria, on the outer loop, unfortunately there is a crash in the local lanes involving a big truck and a car or two that went sideways. The rescue units are on scene now and traffic in the local lanes heading for the Wilson bridge is only getting by this single file down the wide right shoulder. The crash on the outer loop local lanes is between route one and the beginning of the Woodrow Wilson bridge. Go with the through lanes if you haven't committed to the locals through lanes or both open. Italy volume delays between Tyson's and river road. It slow toward the American legion bridge, but at least it's just volume. Prince William county still have a portion of midville roadblocks, western southbound, between silverdale drive and spriggs road where a serious crash happened. In Maryland on two 70, volume delays are easing. Hagerstown 70 backups remain between exits 28 and 29, the pike exits, only one lane is getting by a work on both ways, college park, route one, your berwin house road, only one lane is getting by on U.S. route one

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