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Hey kip both literally secret day oh dude i've never been able to tell those to absorb they're all one person to me david reagan smith is a guy in my world absolutely yes what israel been doing recently has he been to annex felony is that what he was doing our thinking it for for he was he was doing in the i think they was for junior team for a bit now and while he doing that next year oh god no interests no at all he might be i don't know and we still speaking of all the teams who are not always so reagan smith our front rows going to do if they even have a day artery oh they're surrogate smith pm eastern other by oh my god favorite a man by the way just yussef why i regan smith who is now the fox port pit reporter was driving truck series and doing finicky cereal there you go for a he doing a driving force in the truck series and driving for joe gibbs in the ex series he was also two thousand aids sprint cup rookie of the year two thousand thirteen nationwide healthier he's was populate how far back at him but what about david ring we saw no one's going to have david reagan for next year or furniture o or front row rather in their second car no i mean it's it's still went michael mcdowell still the rumored one tom lord i mean it's it's one of those things if that does happen they're big move employees it yet who was a runnerup to regan smith in the two thousand eight rookie of the year voting just if you're scoring at home man did i know we've done this bit before mike todd of what a what a cluster f of people who've won this award i know right fully how here.

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