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Marx is going to join us after the 4 30 news to talk about Yes, that Richard Marx, the Grammy winning Singer songwriter You hear his music quite a bit here on the bumper music, and that's that's completely intentional. Now He's a Chicago guy. He is commenting today was all over CNN this morning Commenting on Sammy Hagar Sze position, I'm going backto live concerts and basically Sammy Hagar. You know him, of course, from Van Halen and his own till a queer He was a guy who had decided, you know, Guess what if people got to die? They gotta dot and he said that out loud, he said it uses indoor. Voice to say it out loud. Now the way Dad away Way way. I don't think that's a good idea. But We will talk to him by then. Also Richard's doing a virtual concert on Sunday night, Sunday afternoon. I should say Chicago time so you can take part in that he'll explain exactly how you could do that. That's coming up after 4 30 Okay. Gloria Schmidt is with us, and she's sprung to prominence here and a representation of the ocean. Darrow brothers during the Justice Mellette mess from last year. It seems like a decade ago, Gloria that this whole thing happened, doesn't it? But it is just just it is just is just over. You know, it's a year and 1/2 ago, when and when this is that one of the stupidest events in Chicago criminality did occur Now I need to understand what happened here, Gloria because there has been Change your clients that the heroes who are The two gentlemen who we are, Coop. We're cooperating with the investigation. They're the ones who did actually helped Jesse smell it. Pull off this hoax of an attack on him. They lost some. They lost a gun in the middle of all that explained exactly what happened here. Yes, I agree with you. He feels like eons ago aged so much in this case. So basically, I don't see pursuant to a search warrant last year in February, and it's taking some time for us to be able to get the inventory sheets so that we can identify which items are in the evidence lockup. We filed a motion June 5th and June 19th which is last Friday, The judge gave all parties Jessie's attorney's special prosecutor's office and myself an opportunity just to inspect the items before he would make a ruling on what items could be returned. And so that hearing is set for tomorrow morning. And all of us all the attorneys. We all went down to the evidence lock up in Chicago, and we looked at all the items. Well, obviously I have personal knowledge of what stuff My clients are missing, and one of the things that was missing was a nine millimeter pistol. And when we brought that to the attention of the officer that was on duty, Officer Palmer, he said, You know what? We don't have it, and we don't know where it is. Um, this is all I have. And, you know, basically put that in your pipe and smoke it. I was not happy about that. And my client were obviously extremely upset. Yeah, I'm all set to but for different reasons, But go ahead. So what They eventually found that pistol, though, didn't they? They found it today. So this is the press would have gotten wind of this Tuesday. The story would have been a PPD loses firearms because we walked out of that building and not just myself. Okay, the special prosecutor's office and just smell it team. All you that there was a firearm things. So we all walked out of there and I've done was was not accounted for. So my quiet Ebola. He filed a police report and get that going. Ah, I think TVs got wind of that. And they were able to take that to the media on Wendy. My office raised hell trying to get attention on Find the gun. Find the gun. Where's the gun? And we? You know we had no beef with the special prosecutor. The beef really was with corporate counsel. Who kept telling us that the reason they did not produce it wasn't because they lost it, but because we didn't include the inventory sheet for that specific items. Okay. I don't want to get in the weeds here, Gloria, Because I think the question that we all have everybody, all of us here. Listening to this have is Why did they have a gun? But they did have foid cards or is this you know this particular individual? Have a foid card? Whichever brother that is Yeah. This is Angola. People called him, Abel. He license registered gun owner. I've been asked all day. Why does he have guns? You know what? Why does anyone have guns? It's the Second Amendment. I'm a supporter of that We have a right to bear arms. So that's his personal conviction. But he's allowed to have them and he's a license registered going owner. So the other to higher grounds that that's quite trust me. That was just a question that everybody was asking. Just want to make sure this is a legally owned gun that he wanted to get back. It was in a was in a safe Was it in their home? Was that correct? Yes, that's correct. Okay. And and then, when the safe was taken into custody by the authorities here, all the all the things that they thought would be evidence. In this case. We're taking into custody that safe went in. And then once that safe was open, that gun was not in there, at least by you guys when you were taking an inventory of it, That's why you wanted it back. All right now, the now and the aftermath of the gun being found and have been returned your clan, sir, does it now just back up in the evidence lockup. No, it was produced this morning way. Don't we cannot take the items until the judge released within order. That should happen tomorrow. Okay, So now there's back if I'm reading this right because they're reporting now is that your client is going to continue to cooperate with the special prosecutor Dan Webb here looking into the Jesse smell. It helps. That's right. And as I said earlier that this had the case, you know got into the press earlier, the headline food has changed, because as of Wednesday night, all of my complaint when unheard, and that's when the brother said, You know what you guys are not providing us with any information. This is very serious to us. It's a firearm. That is right. It starts to Arnie. We're joined No offense, Dan Webb. But where was drawing from that? So I sent the letter his office saying, I'm sorry, but they just they feel alienated from this and they're gonna withdraw from cooperating with your office. Okay, Gloria, could you hold on one second? Because I wanna know where the hell this all is. I think we all want to know where the hell this all is, because, as you know, we just pointed out there's a year and 1/2 ago almost now, and I don't understand what continues to be Even litigated and well, I would like to figure that out. So Gloria Schmidt is with us. She is the attorney for one of the ocean. They're brothers and come right back. Gloria. Thank you. Hold on one second, we'll come right back to you. But first, here's long, black over the WG and traffic and it's brought to you by the Illinois Department of Transportation Traffic is piling up Outbound on the Stevenson A crash is blocking all lanes at Pulaski. Drivers can only get by on the shoulders. Right now. Things.

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