Moeller, President Trump, Lincoln discussed on The Steve Deace Show


And what if moeller comes back with that what if that's the big revelation what if the big revelation is not an end in fairness to donald trump we've not had i don't believe we've had a president come directly from the private sector to the white house since lincoln i think everbody since lincoln has either was either in a pre existing elected office or they were in the military so i got to imagine if we elected jeff bezos mark zuckerberg pick a pick a global tycoon who's doing business in countries all of it i mean of phil knight of nike got elected how many stories would be see about preteen girls in taiwan big get paid thirty cents a day to make his three hundred dollar an hour a threedollar pair sneakers you know what i'm saying i don't know anybody that we could have that we could elect that was that successful globally for a business standpoint would not have a dealings relationships they would make us go that just at sketch i'm not i'm not happy with that but when we've got the president's personal attorney paying out out of his own pocket after line about it hundreds of thousands of dollars to silence porn stars for having with the president would if moller's big revelation is that this guy is highly vulnerable to being leveraged by third parties what's the reaction to that do you have a cricket sound back there erin i had nothing by way i'm gonna ask that question i have no expectations for your answer i'm genuinely earnest's nothing it's.

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