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Make sure you put more catch up on that, which is lost though. I didn't lose that much. Oh God, my hands stink, dude. All right. All right. Next news item curse of lava louder on. Next movie in the conjuring universe. I believe it's after I think this is like the Mexican version of the boogeyman. I believe the weeping woman what it's called looks pretty fucking horrifying. Honestly. Yeah, the the none basically kind of like the travel though. Lot of good jump scares and Lynn, Linda Cartolini. Who's Argo? Shutout Carlini I'm not gonna lie. All I can think about are these hot dogs that are carved up sitting in front of me. It's really hard to focus stand with that at Belk, shutter all I'm getting. I'm just getting hot air pipes conjuring. Patrick Wilson. Great, great movie, Patrick Wilson, doughy folks. We love them. Yeah, the none wasn't great, but it could do worse than these movies, I guess. Right. And this modern time? Yeah. This one set in the seventies and you know us, we like things that are more modern. Yeah, gray, GIS. I guess. Yeah. So. LA LA, our own, watch the trailer pretty pretty horrifying looking actually pretty good stuff down three son. That's number three. You know what that means. That means it's time for another piece of food onto the lunch option. So take out the peanut butter Cup. All right. So you're gonna take that. This one taking to the microwave. Yes, you're gonna chop it up a little bit and you're gonna put it onto the hot onto the top microwave microwave for thirty five seconds. All right, I'm going to nuke it. Did you chop it up? I broke it in half that's close enough..

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