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It's not that he's done anything to hurt his personal stock. Other guys who just helped a little bit more and you start looking at the age and second guess if he can be a three indie guy and what else does he do? So I'm going to take over there. Yeah, I agree. Over plus one 50, that is like a very strong one for me. Zach, let's go a couple more. Dyson Daniels. Over under 7 and a half minus one 95 juiced. I think I'm going over. Just slightly, which is very slightly over. I haven't met 7 right now, so this is a pretty dead on number. If you're making me pick, I think I would go over. The thing that's interesting for me here is that the over under is juiced so strongly toward under here at minus one 95. Dyson Daniels over is plus one 60. I think I like over 7 and a half plus one 60 if you made me pick here. But it wouldn't be far over. I can not see him getting out at the top ten. Agree, I'll go over. This is another trade dependent one with Sacramento at four Detroit 5 Indiana 6 Portland 7. Even though it's 8, we've heard kind of floated offers whether real or not, but at least gauging the market, those could be completely different teams. And somebody could just be leak froggy to get him at 7 because I think New Orleans likes about 8 San Antonio 9 stay away had to I'm going slightly over though. All right, Zach, give us one or two more. Walker Kessler over under 24 and a half. There's been like one easy one so far, I think. This is difficult. Yeah, I think I've walker at 25 right now. So either I'm honored like we're getting here. That's great. Yeah, I think I would go over. To be honest, I think that this one's close though. I go over the same thing. I was looking at my draft board and it said the 25th, it went Milwaukee Kennedy channel or Dallas. Like, Kennedy Chandler, who's he drafting as a type on my end, but I would go over there too. Yeah. Zach, let's go. AJ Griffin. Over under ten and a half with the over juiced minus two 65. I would go over here even with the juice..

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