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Rack out on manor road eastbound at airport Boulevard with just one eastbound lane getting by your next reports at seven forty five AM Melinda Brant bus is on time traffic this A. N. humid today watch for a strong thunderstorm this afternoon high eighty four tonight turning out cloudy and mild occasional late night rain and a thunderstorm low sixty from the weather center I'm Brian may but you may also be entitled dreamy technology reliant eighteen to thirty four year olds are about to move into their purchasing power are you ready contrary to what you may think millennials are very observant and have introduced new corporate expectations into the market ninety percent of consumers will switch brands to one associated with the good cars given similar comparison how do we know insiders a group of people that uses advertising for good how can we improve your community visit I. N. C. I. T. impact dot com seventy one degrees get Austin news all demanded newsradio K. L. B. J. dot com seven thirty four Jefferies dot prior and you five one two eight three six zero five ninety news it's wrong to buy nerds in a flash Amazon announced plans to hire one hundred thousand additional warehouse delivery workers and boost in pay to satisfy the rapidly increasing demand for online retail amid the corona pandemic grocery chains including Safeway Albertsons and Kroger also.

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