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As into tomorrow continues in our twenty fifth year on the air delighted to have you with us even more delighted when you call in and participate and not just because when you call in you win stuff especially now during our huge annual cool into tomorrow hot summer giveaway. Do check out the post at into tomorrow dot com when you call in. No promises no guarantees but mention two or three or four of the various items that we have a lot of goodies from guests of the show sponsors other friends of the program that send us things to share with you just for participating on the program it really is that easy and there's so many cool consumer tech products that you need to check out so visit as it into tomorrow dot com. Be sure to either use the audio option on the free updated into tomorrow app very easy and you sound like right here in the studio with us or the old fashioned way still works toll free from anywhere in north america and anytime twenty four seven you can call in at eight hundred eight nine nine in two eight hundred eight nine nine four six eight six. Let us hear from you and send you some of the goodies. Our next guest solve the toilet paper shortage long before there. Even was a teepee shorted san francisco based manufacturer and distributor of healthy home product. Wait till you see and hear about the kinds of cool things that brandel has available. The president of brundle is stephen. Share steve. Welcome into tomorrow how are you. Hey dave i'm doing great and really appreciate you having me on the show today. It's a pleasure and full disclosure. I've used one of your days for years and love it. And when people were having trouble early on in this pandemic and i think nobody still understands why toilet paper was such a shortage but when that was such a crisis i just said really i. Don't i mean still use some. But not nearly as much as i ever used to. Because i don't need to because of a very nice day but tell me before we get into some of that How you guys got started how you got into the business and then some of the other cool stuff. You've got available now. Yeah thanks dave and you know first of all. We're glad you're a fan. We hear similar comments from From our customers you know once you sort of experience Washing with water and the benefits of day. There's there's no going back and speaking of being such a fan it also has a fan. I have to throw that in and of course a heated seat. I don't know how people can get up in the morning and go sit down and not go. Yikes because it's cold. I haven't had that problem for years. No more cold toilet seat exactly. I mean there's reason enough right there and we've talked a lot about the the advantages of things like the days. We had a recent guests. That was absolutely with me. One hundred percent on the best thing you can do even for your parents or especially your grandparents is get him day and it doesn't mean you have to buy a whole day. What you're doing is getting something like a bad day seat. That simply and i can attest to the fact very easily. Replace your existing toilet seat and you hook it up and voila all of a sudden. You don't know how you live without it. That's exactly right. You know a retrofit to your existing toilet can be self installed They range in price from a very simple non electric ambient temperature product. You know around fifty sixty dollars all the way up to all the bells and whistles with heated seats and deodorizers and you know loads technology for under seven hundred bucks For that top of the line of course because you run the gamut it's affordable for everyone and talk about a perfect gift. I mean i'm not trying to overdo it except that i am very in my regular listeners. Know that i talk about my bron del day. Anyway that it's something that you owe yourself let alone give to your parents or somebody else so you know otherwise but again. It's the kind of thing that you say. my gosh. how did i live without this before. What was that primitive and mind you. It's the gift that keeps on giving he's gonna use everyday right. that's true. It all started with me. When i was first visiting asia covering consumer tech products and of course they're everywhere in japan especially and i'd be out there doing it other trade show and saying my. Gosh this is great every hotel. I'm in has these days or or just these retrofits seats and so forth. Why don't we have that. Well it turns out. I looked into it and we do with brundle. So that's actually a great Segment into your your first question. So our founder Dave family all use the internet sort of entrepreneur In the early nineties was in japan with his. His father was on a business trip and he accompanied him and they were out. You know having dinner at a restaurant and he went into the bathroom And Saw this contraption in the buttons in in you know japanese characters and you know started. He was just intrigued. Started pushing some buttons to see what this thing was and You know long story short He came back to the dinner table. with With the white shirt and pants i could. I could picture it now. It's like what does this do well. Yeah yes so. That was his first experience and that kind of sat with him for about a decade and In early two thousand and two thousand three to be exact That idea came back to him and he reflected back and said here's a product in at that time. Sixty percent of homes in japan and doesn't even exist here in america in the us. What's going on and we've always followed tech trends you know. Smartphones were in use in japan Before the us here though he thought what a great idea. Let's let's get this company going Couple years later Mark cuban actually invested in in the company Mark and dave samuel were friends and associates from The early days of the internet they both had You know Internet companies related to broadcasting and music online. So they knew each other so he didn't even have to appear on shark tank before shark.

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