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The unusual mark this day down on your calendar, December 21st, which astronomer David Arugula reminds us it's a Monday the first chance to see a celestial phenomenon. 800 years in the making at sunset. When you go outside and look to the West that sunset, you're going to see a Very bright star like object and what it really is is Jupiter and Saturn have come together so close. They look like one bright star like object and with the aid of a small telescope both appear in the eyepiece together. Something angular says won't happen for another four centuries. Chris Mama WBZ. Austin's news radio. Well with everyone stuck in the house since the early part of 2020 just how busy have maternity wards been heading into the new year? WBC's match here has that story. Back in March, There was a ton of speculation that a baby boom could occur as a result of pandemic. Stay at home orders. Well, that was nine months ago now and turns out we were probably wrong. In fact, Dr Jeff Ecker of Mass General Hospital has seen a decrease in the number of birth, some couples may have decided. You want to be pregnant, but right now isn't the time. The data is a tiny bit different at Brigham and Women's, according to nurse Kate Gregory, That's are we really haven't seen a change and our numbers of babies being born for her hospital does tell me that they're expecting a slight increase in births Come the spring. It could be that nine months back from March April May, people were killing, perhaps a little less concerned, Max. You're WBZ, Boston's news radio. It's 5 51. We're gonna be seeing a bit of a warm up today, although it is still Pretty cold out there this morning. Check on the roads as well. We've got traffic and weather together next in the early going on this Thursday at 5 51. Listening to WBZ during your commute is an easy way of multitasking.

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