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Like GIC's artists. They don't see names like Sebastian legit. They do see other though burr halter favorites. Especially you got like Jordan Morris, which to me is one of the interesting things is you break down kind of where the positions are on this roster, not the Jordan Morrison, a good player, but let's look at the other wide options that Walter has just for this window. Aaronson, Paul areola, Christian Pulisic, raina, waya. Do you need, do you need 6 wide options for a game like this? Why not maybe distribute that spot for? I don't know, another 9, one of the guys that you might have left off, or even somebody who can help you at left back, you're a little bit there. For the left back, I think you're going to get the left back to continue your desk as injury is going to force you to bring in a left back because you don't have cover for Antony Robinson. Because Virginia desk was that cover. So maybe don't go there just yet, but if we're talking about these wingers, you just mentioned Brendan errands and you mentioned Giovanni Reina. These are two players. I think we might see centrally in this next window. We might see them as 8. We talk about Weston McKinney, who's going to replace western McKinney, everybody talks about Kalani Costa, look at del toro. I don't know if we're going to need a little curveball. We may see a little Brendan aaronson, I think it's fully capable of doing that. If we don't see a little Giovanni reyna, who I think is fully capable of doing that. I think we may get a little bit of that right there. It's more of when you talk about players that he knows, you mentioned Jordan Morris. Well, James sands. James sands being in this list. If you wanted to go innate and you wanted to go Major League Soccer and there's no legit and that's one of his preferred individuals. Joining my high level, which has been killing it lately. He's a guy that I see has a huge ceiling. He's a guy who's been attracting a lot of European interests. And he still can't get on this roster. He still can't get a sniff, so that's interesting to me. There's a lot of inconsistencies here. I wouldn't read too much into the wide players as of yet because look, the players who are there, we know why they're there. Greg berhalter himself has said Paul areola, Jordan Morris, they offer a certain amount of verticality, a certain amount of getting behind, defenders that he happens to enjoy. So we know why they're there. Maybe these other guys like Brendan aronson and Giovanni Reina, even though they're, in a sense, wingers, they can play that central role. 27 names herk, who's the biggest surprise included for you. Aaron long. It's got to be Aaron long. For what I just mentioned a little bit of that. This is a player. You know what? Now that I think of it, I shouldn't really be surprised. I shouldn't really be surprised. Let me explain why it's a surprise, but it's not a surprise. It's a surprise because he's not played in over a year. This.

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