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One. From ABC news. This is twenty eighteen as it happened. Once again, here's correspondent, Alex stone. October twenty seven it was his Saturday. Those who attend the tree of life synagogue in. Pittsburgh were in church in the squirrel hill neighborhood. It's a popular Jewish synagogue on that day Forty-six year old Robert Bauer shattered, the sanctity of that house of worship in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have converged on the tree of life synagogue that is where they say there is an active shooter. They have told people to avoid the area and they have released. No additional information preliminarily, we're told there may indeed be victims from the shooting at the tree of life synagogue, where it appears gunmen barged in during Saturday morning, Sabbath services and opened fire. We're told now that the gunman may be barricaded inside the synagogue and people have been told to back away the entire area has been sealed off moments ago a commander with Pittsburgh police told everybody to back away that the area is not yet secure. We just saw a swat team move. In getting dressed to go up to services little before ten o'clock and. One of the people vice president that I work with on facility management. He had called me from Lancaster and had said this report that just an active shooter, and he said get up there and check it out. I tried heading up shady avenue to the building, and it was entirely blocked off twenty or so police cars. Policemen with rifles drawn aimed at the building. They quickly told me to get away and just. Surreal vision for me. I just I still can't process it just hearing from one of my sources educate. Imagine. The these details are coming fast and furiously adjust from a source who says the actor is in custody. They are pulling multiple guns off the suspect that is the latest from the scene here. And again, I I cannot describe the scene. I've never seen so many police. Cruisers state police troopers continue to come. There are officers for many municipalities surrounding this area. Three police officers have been shot an unknown number of congregants the exact number of casualties has not been made clear, but there are multiple fatalities. According to a tweet from President Trump who said that he is following these developments in the squirrel hill neighborhood, and the tree of life synagogue, and I witnessed said that building houses three separate worship services on this Saturday morning and all of those were underway. The suspect for a while was holed up perhaps in one of the office. Belonging to a rabbi at the synagogue. And that is where perhaps he was taken into custody. That rabbi was not there this Saturday morning. But still said no doubt to be shaken up for a time. It appeared that the gunman may have had additional weapons, and that is part of the reason why we're told Pittsburgh police are now going through the building to make sure there is no added threat. The rabbi meritous of congregation tree of life in Pittsburgh is Alvin Burkan and he's on the line with us. Now, how horrible that this has happened in your community. Really unbelievable. This is a very peaceful community. We rely very heavily Jewish neighborhood within the city limits, and it's always been known for its it's exciting vibrant, Jewish life. My my dad's which I did not attend today. Which is pretty unbelievable since I've going every Saturday for thirty five years my life sick. And asked me not to go services this morning, I stayed home with her. I am. The perpetrators sequestered in my study, which is on the third floor. But I really don't have any first hand knowledge. But even to think that that's a possibility that this gunman had been holed up in your office that stunning. Yeah. It's really unbelievable. Squirrel hill is actually unique in the United States communities the neighborhood of forty percent Jewish population. And. There was a killing a random killing shooting of a traditional young man about five years. But other than that that's been amazingly Brenton exciting. Jewish center. Senator Jewish grocery stores bakery. It's a remarkable neighborhoods and. Amazing. And I feel terrible for everybody. Killed. To stop stopped. This is the wrong thing to do. This have to be stopped at Hayden's for no reason, people shouldn't be in this country be walking and not feel safe and squeezes Saturday. It should be in a place of worship no reason to take people's live like this. Now, you heard your heart. Haven't heard from your friends. My father-in-law was inside that place. This is crazy. This is unbelievable. People have got to stop the media has to be stopped anti everything. And unfortunately, people do a lot of stuff, and they blame the Jews for no reason for almost now your friends and your family they're here. They're inside that synagogue right now. Okay. Was inside. But there's people it's for people that there's going to be here tomorrow and people have to stop the stuff blaming us for playing Jews for no reason a moment ago. The Anti-Defamation League said we are devastated Jonathan Greenburg. At the director of the said Jews targeted on Chabad morning at a synagogue, a holy place of worship is unconscionable. The AD L set our hearts break for the victims their families and the entire Jewish community. You want to call on our senior Justice correspondent here at ABC news Pierre Thomas, we have been able to identify the suspect is a forty six year old from the Pittsburgh area. Peer what else do we know? Basically, so far, we know that he's a profile in atrial his social media footprint suggests that that he's a man. That's hated the Jewish people that he was a man who express white supremacist points of view law enforcement officials are now dissect here's life, the attorney general just released a statement a little. Awhile ago saying that in fact, this would be investigated as a hate crime. And the death penalty was among the penalties is on the table. The federal government is trying to clear and strong message that this cannot be tolerated. This wicked act of mass murder. Is pure evil. Hard to believe, and frankly, something that is unimaginable our nation. And the world are shocked and stunned by the grief today with one unified voice. We condemned the historic evil of anti-semitism, and every other form of evil, and unfortunately, evil comes in many forms, and we come together as one American.

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