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Zit in for Mandy Mandy will be back on Friday. I'll be here tomorrow. Lou from Littleton will be here on Thursday, talking about transgender ism and pro towns and pronouns and Competing in sports. A an X X from us ohm woman. Uh, has to compete against a new XY chromosome man who identifies as a woman and weightlifting. Let's say or wrestling. This is crazy, but they're doing it. Let's go to our vata. Sally, what's on your mind? I just wanna say And my first time caller and I have admired and respected you for a long time. Thank you. I appreciate we should be able to Colin. Um, my husband brought up. Why aren't feminist I'm a good harms about this. What about a close emails that have worked their tails off to get where they are in sports, and only to have their their awards taken away by Idea. Ones that identified a female's only It's It's appalling to me. I'm angry, and I just can't imagine. How? How? This is a void of logic. So where are the feminists? Any idea? Well if Republicans have proven something than the radical feminists are going to be instantly in disagreement with it, and radical feminists overwhelmingly are Democrats. S O. A lot of this is trumped by their political persuasions and believes that's why they're inconsistent and something like this. Yeah. I'm sorry you were You already knew that I knew that. Yes, I'm just trying to find some logic here. So it's It's not logical logic, by the way, no logic is racist. This is white privilege if he used logic Yeah, Well, um I hope there is a lot of pushback from, um, you know, from those from athletes from parents. I know there's something back here. Some lawsuits, so Hopefully continues and those girls can get what they deserve those those that were born females and have and have worked hard to compete against one another. On equal terms. So thank you so much. Okay, I think it's perfectly a perfectly acceptable and logical and physiologically more accurate to simply look at The chromosomes. XX is female. XY is male emits some very complicated. No, no, I like I like your logic. I can't And I wouldn't think of stopping somebody who wants to go through life as a female because he just feels that way. Fine. But don't impose your values on me. Right. And you are you know your God given strength that just happens to be what you have as a male, So yeah way can't we can't do anything about that. They shouldn't be penalized because you know, girls born or girls should not be penalized for for their Their lesser strength. So anyway, thank you very much. Thanks. Thanks Your phone call right here in our state. At the Colorado State University. They have something called the Inclusive Communications Task force and these air some of their mandates. Don't call people American, they say. This erases other cultures. Don't say a person is mad or a lunatic called him surprising slash wild or said. I can't use the word lunatic fringe even if it to find some people on the right. I guess you can. If you're talking about people who are radical, right wingers you can't say Eskimo. You can't say freshman. You can't say illegal alien. You guys should be replaced by all folks don't say male or female, say man, woman or gender, non binary. Talking about non binary. I watched the show billions for years. Really Good show. Damian Lewis plays body acts, and Paul Giamatti plays Chuck Rhodes. He was the U. S attorney. And then there's an Asia. Kate Dillon, who plays Tyler Mason Taylor Mason, and she was introduced the several years into the into the show, and she is non binary in real life and on the show, And as a consequence, everybody in the show uses that they personal pronoun. On and it Zaveri irritating to me Now, I can't say something that somebody might find offensive even if it isn't objectively so, but it's okay if they irritate me. Well, they can't force me to watch the show and I gave up on it. Finally, cause I didn't like her character either in any event. That's them there show I don't want to impose my rules on them, but I'm certainly not gonna have them imposed their rules on me. Let's go to Ernie in La Vita. Hello, Ernie. You know you mentioned some years ago. Your response to the word I'm offended. Yes. And you said so? So, But I also thought you said, Because now I use it. I'm offended your offended No, I'm not easily offended. I've got a very thick skin. I couldn't do this job if I didn't So I, You know, people use that word. It's always implied that therefore you have to change your behavior, right? That's their implication, which I don't act on. Right here in Colorado to little town, southern Colorado. We had a football team called in Livia to Redskins and somebody was offended. Led to a big brouhaha. Divided the community, and so they had to use another name. And, uh, People. Are simmering and with resentment about stats, but there's not. They don't feel that this indicate they can do it's too late. You have been doing radio for 40 years now and I'm not. I'm not Howard Stern type. I'm not a shock, Jack. The reason If somebody says you've said something that offends me and expect me to apologize, I don't say outrageous things that are objectively offensive. I just don't do that. That's not my style. S O. If somebody wants to put it to some kind of a test of objectivity. I'm certainly more than happy to defend what I've said. But the other person Doesn't get to define Objective reality, the Thomas Jefferson once said. In a somebody accuses you of something, he said. You have no duty. To defend on negation. That means if somebody says to you Uh, You were You beat your wife. All you have to do is say I don't You're innocent until proved guilty. You don't have to suddenly get defensive. And you could just you could just reject that kind of a charge out of hand. Well, I just want to tell you it is very nice. And I finally realized why you retired, and but I'm glad that you're on the radio on occasion. Why did I retire? What? Didn't you retire? Because you work any kind of burned out. He didn't want to do it full time. Yeah, I wouldn't say it got burned out, but I just think when I when I turned 70 I said, you know, working 70 hours a week and doing five day a week radio and taking maybe three weeks of vacation a year..

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